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  1. Jeff Delves

    After being told by a local high street jeweller that my omega f300 was obsolete and parts were unobtainable I decided to do a google search and I came across Paul’s website which really impressed me.
    I contacted Paul and he responded quickly saying he was able to help me.
    The watch was sent and upon receipt Paul emailed saying the watch had arrived and he gave me a list of tasks he recommended was needed.
    I agreed to this work and after a week he mailed again saying my watch was up and running and ready to be posted back to me.
    The watch arrived the next day and I’m overjoyed to be able to use this again as it has great sentimental value to me.
    Paul offered a fantastic service at a great price and should my watch ever need attention again, Paul is definitely the “Go to guy” for any electric watch servicing and repair work.
    Once again , Many thanks Paul for your help .

  2. Andy C

    Here’s yet another delighted customer. My cherished 1978 Omega f300 is back looking like new, after years of non-use, having had a clean, service/refurbishment, new crystal, new battery etc., I’m absolutely thrilled to have it back. The service is excellent with good communication and at a very affordable price compared with what I’d been told to expect elsewhere.
    I hope I won’t need to call on his services again too soon – but it’s great to know he’s there, and I’d immediately recommend him to those who need work done on an electric watch.
    Massive thanks, Paul – really glad to have found you.

  3. Lawrence Flavelle

    Paul- just a note to say thanks for the speedy and extremely profession service you offered me recently. My Omega f300 had been lying around for nearly 8 years as I couldn’t find a suitable repair service. It is now back on my wrist and running perfectly. Being able to get a new quartz was an absolute bonus. Thanks again.

  4. Nick Perkins

    Once again Paul has worked his magic on my Omega F300. Messaged Paul as my watch was stopping periodically, and he was only too happy to help. I have to say he was in his workshop fixing things as soon as it arrived with him. Before I knew it, he had emailed me with a diagnosis and costings (which are very reasonable for a watch this complicated). My Omega is back on my wrist ready to continue humming through the years as an heir loom. Cheers Paul

  5. Atul Sachdeva

    paul has been brilliant regarding my f300 omega , have sent it to him twice over the last few years

    great service and communication

    and my watch is now working perfectly

    would highly recommend paul for anyone who needs an electric watch servicing and repairing

    thanks paul

  6. Paul Sands

    I heartily recommend Paul at Electric Watches as a 1st class repairer. His prices are very reasonable and he communicates at every step of the repair. The turn-around was quick. I am very pleased with his service and will use him again whenever needed. Thanks

  7. Steven

    Just completed a full service on my Rado esa9162, and full ultrasonic bath of case and bracelet, sparkling now, well happy, amazing turnaround and price, thank you.

  8. Christopher Jones

    Sent two Omega f300hz in for repair and servicing and what an excellent job done on both watches that work perfectly now and look amazing. Many Thanks

  9. David Clapham

    Extremely happy with the work undertaken on my Omega, communication was excellent, well with having it done. I would recommend this service to anyone

  10. Tony Francis

    Another very happy customer. Paul repaired and serviced my Omega f300 last week, it’s almost good as new! If you have a watch of this type then Paul is the “go to” man.

  11. Richard

    Paul repaired a my F300 about one month ago, he communicated with me at all stages of the process and the watch is now running perfectly. I would recommend his services and use him again. Many thanks.

  12. Stephen Chadwick

    I’ve just received a non functioning f300 back, it’s now working as good as new. Service was very fast as well. Thanks!

  13. Steve Trow

    I can highly recommend Paul. Great communication, great service and a fully functional Omega returned extremely quickly and very well packaged at a fraction of the cost Omega would charge. 5*.

  14. Perfect Timing

    We’ve had two Omega F300 watches serviced and have only great things to say. Every box ticked, Serviced to high standard, quick turn around time, affordable price. Very happy and highly recommend. Thank you!

  15. Michael Dunne

    Brilliant service and very pleased with the service I received.

    5 stars from me, would really recommend Paul to anyone looking to get their watch sorted, unbelievable price and great comms.


  16. Tim

    I first took my watch to an Omega A.D. they sent to their workshops and said they could not repair it (and charged me). They said they could send to Geneva but the cost to repair would be far in excess of the value of the watch.

    I was in two minds if i should or should not go ahead with the repair (it was my grandfathers watch so has a lot of sentimental value).

    On a Facebook watch page i asked if there were any good UK based individual / company that could repair my watch. A kind contributor recommended Paul at Electric Watches.

    I was a bit dubious about sending my watch to a chap on an FB page but after emailing Paul i was happy to do so.

    I sent him the watch next day he came back, said it could be fixed, gave me an estimate (broken down). I gave him the go ahead and within a week the watch is back with me.

    I have no hesitation recommending Paul. Hopefully nothing goes wrong in the future but if it does i will be straight back to paul as communication, cost and service are all top notch.

  17. nick

    My lovely old F300 has just arrived back from a full service and clean by Paul, it looks better than ever.
    Thank you Paul

  18. Gavin Cooper

    Had an issue with my F300, and Paul accepted the repair job. His service is incredibly quick and fairly priced, I hope I don’t need his services again for many years but know that I’ll be in the best hands if I do!

  19. Phillip Bagshaw

    Sent my Omega F300 for a service. Excellent communication throughout the whole process & watch returned to me looking & performing fantastic. Thanks Paul 🙂

  20. Gordon Calder

    Excellent service from Paul. My cherished Omega f300Hz Constellation Chronograph restored to its former glory. The communication with Paul throughout the process was exemplary and reassuring. Quickly done and very reasonably priced so easy to recommend without any qualification.

  21. Fredrik

    Paul did an excellent job with my Eterna Sonic. The process was excellent from start to finish with prompt replies and very clear communication, all at a very reasonable price. I can wholeheartedly recommend his services.

  22. Van Green

    Thanks, Paul, for another wholly satisfactory experience having a lot of watches serviced! Once again, I sent a mix of Landeron and ESA Tuning Fork watches your way, and you handled every one with aplomb, including one Japanese domestic model f300 model with an uncataloged crystal setup. Nice research and ingenuity (again) sir!

    I will be sending more watches your way soon! (I think my watch count with you by now is well over 100 watches serviced!)

  23. David Jones

    Paul did a great job repairing my F300 after a recent mishap and all in under a week. I would recommend his sevices to anyone out there looking to get their F300 or similar watch fixed.
    Many thanks Paul.

  24. John Michael Duckworth

    The second time I have used Pauls services and the job was attended to very promptly and I can now wear my F300. I am impressed with his workmanship and quick turn round. I would hesitate to entrust my watch to anyone else. Thanks again Paul.

  25. Eric

    Paul did a fantastic job on my Dad’s f300 Cone. I found him through a web search and found the many complimentary comments on his website. I would highly recommend and whilst I hope my watch won’t need looking at again for a while, I would absolutely use him again and recommend him to any potential customer.

  26. Richard Harris

    I highly recommend Paul to anybody looking to have an electric watch serviced or repaired. He recently completed a F300 Omega Constellation D-Case overhaul for me to his usual high standards of communication, efficiency and skilled repair. Over the years he has serviced my F300s and Hamilton Electrics to the same standard. It is great to have such a skilled and knowledgeable repairer of these watches in the UK.

  27. Ken Baker

    This is the second time Paul has serviced my Omega f300, and he has done an excellent job yet again! The first time I was a little hesitant at posting my watch to a “stranger on the internet” but I needn’t have worried – Paul is super-efficient, confirming when the watch arrives and updating you on progress along the way. I would have no hesitation in asking Paul to service my watch again – the fact he is inundated with work from all across the globe speaks for itself.

  28. Mark Lawrence

    Paul diagnosed the issue (turned out to be a bad new battery of the wrong type), serviced & got my Omega F300 humming perfectly & looking again.

    Great service, will definitely be calling on his services again! in the future.

  29. Mark Shacklady

    I sent Paul my Father’s Omega f300 Geneve which had not been working for at least 20 years – probably more like 30 – with some trepidation. I shouldn’t have been concerned. Paul inspected the watch and gave me his assessment of the work that was needed to bring it back to life along with an accurate estimate of the cost. The watch has now been returned in working order and looking as good as new. The whole process was swift and painless with Paul advising me on every stage of the process including how to pack the watch for safe transit.
    All I can say is ‘Thank you Paul, from the bottom of my heart.’

  30. Robert Egford

    Paul has restored my constellation f300 Hz, doing a significant amount of work at a very reasonable price. Thanks Paul.

  31. Daniel Norton

    June 22
    Having discovered Paul’s website, I took a chance and sent him a non working, beaten up looking Eterna Sonic for a refurb. The results of his workmanship are spectacular. The watch looks almost as-new and is incredibly accurate to boot. I think it’s only gained about 15 seconds over the past month and a half- not bad for a 50 year old watch! I can recommend his service unconditionally.
    Thank you Paul!
    Daniel Norton
    Vancouver, Canada

  32. William Stern

    Paul serviced and replaced both my “hummers”, an Omega f300 and an eternasonic. They both work perfectly. I was delighted with his communication and service. They have a reputation as tricky watches to service and work on and he is clearly an expert.

  33. Sebastian

    Sent my Seamaster f300 from continental Europe to Paul for a date wheel change and a service. I am pleasantly surprised how quick and thorough everything went – even more so after Brexit. Paul was very transparent through the whole process and got back to me once he disassembled the watch and again when he sent it back.

    If I had another electric watch, I would not hesitate to send it to him.

    Thank you!

  34. Russell

    Sent my two Omega F300hz watches Paul for a service, when I sent the watches off they both kept poor time particularly after a day or so and one had an intermittent date fault.

    Both watches were turned around very quickly and I received them back in perfect working order.

    I will certainly be using Paul again in the future and would definitely recommend.

  35. Geoff Holmberg

    This is the second time I’ve had my Eterna Sonic repaired by Paul (my fault the second time- I dropped it) and again – swift service and a beautiful repair.
    No hesitation in recommending him.
    The fact that he’s often overwhelmed with work is testament to the quality for this specialized area (I tried to get several others locally to do the repair but they couldn’t
    Very sensible to put a hiatus on receiving watches when he’s very busy so that you don’t get frustrated.
    Very quick in responding doing the work and sending it out.
    Excellent job.

  36. Andrew Actman

    Sent my Omega speedsonic which was not in a good state. It is now back having been restored to beautiful condition and in a very quick turnaround. Thankyou for this. I will now cherish this watch.

  37. Martyn Stowey

    I would say that Paul is the embodiment of good old fashioned service, which unfortunately is a rare commodity these days.
    He recently repaired my Omega f300 which had been sitting in a drawer for at least 25 years.It was returned within a week and it is great to have my 21st birthday present back in great working order.

    Thanks Paul


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