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Omega Logo

Omega never brought to market any electrically-driven balance wheel watches, either contact controlled or transistor controlled, but they were very much involved in tuning fork watches, and had some very unique designs.

Like many other manufacturers, Omega employed the ESA 9162 / 9164 tuning fork movements in many of their watches. These watches were usually referred to as the f300 Hz models reflecting the frequency of the tuning fork. The f300s must have been produced in the tens of thousands and are often seen on popular auctions sites today.

In contrast, the Omega f300 Speedsonic (ESA 9210) and the unique Omega Megasonic (Cal 1230) are much harder to come by. Read more about them by using the menu items above.

Although this website is all about electrically-driven balance wheel and tuning fork watches, I’ve included pages here to cover my Omega Electroquartz and Omega Megaquartz watches; being made in 1973, they are not too out of place.

Finally, in addition to all the battery driven watches, I do service and repair manual winds and automatics and recently had to do an Omega Cosmic 2000. What a nightmare it is to open these cases!