Baylor is the name of a watch firm that was and may be still owned by the giant Dallas (Texas) retail jewelry firm of Zales. Heuer made numerous watches for Zales under the Baylor watch name. When Heuer decide to unload most all their mechanical and automatic watches and concentrate on the automatic chronograph Zales purchase the entire stock for pennies on the dollar. This is the story as told to me by one of the former top manager for Zales. Baylor is a American watch company and it was probably named after a Texas University that is located in Dallas.

The first series of photographs shows my Baylor Electric. This model contains the Landeron 4750 movement, the first Swiss electric movement, and the watch is photographed alongside my Clinton Electromatic which houses the same movement. As can be seen, both watches are very similar and date from the early 1960s.

Note: For details on the use of modern batteries in Landeron 4750/4760 based watches, please see the relevant page in the Landeron section of this site.


Baylor Supertronic

Baylor Supertronic

The last photograph shows a Baylor Supertronic. This watch uses the later transistosized ESA 9154 Dynotron and therefore dates to early 1970’s. The gold plated base metal case from this movement was showing a lot of “brassing” and is therefore not shown 😉