Jules Jurgensen

From Wikipedia:

Jules Jurgensen is one of the oldest watchmaking companies in the world. It was founded by Jürgen Jürgensen in 1740 in Denmark, under the name Larpent and Jürgensen.Jurgen’s son, Urban Jürgensen, took over the company and changed the name to Urban Jürgensen. The company was paid by the royal Danish government to kickstart the Danish marine chronometer industry. That meant trips to Switzerland, more precisely Le Locle and Geneva. Today Urban Jürgensen produces some of the finest watches in the world.

Urban Jürgensen’s son Jules Jürgensen took over the company and changed the name to “Urban Jürgensen and Sons.” He started production of fine watches under the name “Jules Jürgensen, Copenhagen”, in 1838.

Jules Jürgensen, Copenhagen produced many fine, different, and fascinating watches. Any Danish watch collector should at least own one, because many of the watches carry the royal Danish crown since the firm had an appointment to the royal Danish court.

Jules Jürgensen produced its own watches until 1957 at which time it was first documented that the watches were made by others and have their name put on them. The watch below bears this out — it contains the ubiquitous ESA 9154 transistor-controlled balance movement.