Hilton, another one of those makers of whom nothing is known.

However it is a Landeron electric based watch and shares its wacky hands with those of the Wittnauer Electro-Chrons, which are also Landeron based. The case back on this one is unusually in being a snap-on type; they usually are screw down. And the movement calibre is the rare Landeron 4751 rather than the more common 4750 or 4760.

I have no idea why the movement is marked “Clinton”; it could be because “Hilton” was a brand name of the Clinton Watch Company; this company also made Landeron based watches.

More details on the hacking arrangement on this rare 4751 can be found on the Landeron page.

Note: For details on the use of modern batteries in Landeron 4750/4751/4760 based watches, please see the relevant page in the Landeron section of this site.