The movements below are all marked “Sears, Roebuck and Co.” and therefore the “Stellaris” name is probably owned by this large American Department store. My Westclox and Le Gant watches also carry the same movement but with different retailer’s markings.

The movements in these Stellaris watches are all Seiko 3302A although you’ll be hard pressed to see any identifying markings other than those of the retailer. It runs at 21,600 BPH and is similar to the later Seiko EL-370. Access to theses movements is through the acrylic crystal; the stem is removed by pressing a small tab between the dial and case edge — on the first photo below where the crystal has been removed, you can just make out the gap at the 4 oclock position. There is a battery hatch on the back. All have a crown between 2 and 3! They probably date from about 1973.

Stellaris also used other electric and electronic movements in their watches, such as PUWs and ESA Dynotrons.