Belforte was a Benrus owned brand. The electronic Belforte watches often contain the LIP R 148 movement and some of these have a display back.

The diver version is a little special: there do not seem to be many electric or electronic diver watches; this one could never have been waterproof with its flimsy snap-on back!

Belforte’s version of a military watch? Also containing the LIP R 148.

Belforte also produced a “Spaceview” to rival the Bulova Accutron Spaceview; it is more common that the Waltham version of the Spaceview which is also shown in some of these photographs. They employed a modified LIP R 148 movement with the following changes: the base plate was polished, a slot was cut in the base plate so the coil could be seen, the -ve battery power lead was painted a bright yellow, the keyless mechanism had a black PVD-type coating and an additional plate was added to hold back the hour hand gear. Many of these features can be seen in these genuine LIP-based Spaceviews below: