Accutron 218

Bulova Accutron 2182 N5 Mickey Mouse

Bulova Accutron 2182 N5 Mickey Mouse

Watches using the Accutron 218 Series of movements are much more conventional than the Accutron 214-based ones: they have a stem and crown although this is usually at the 4 oclock position; they can take a modern 1.5 volt Silver Oxide battery with only minor re-phasing adjustment.

Here are some of the more well-known calibres in the Accutron 218 Series:

  • Accutron 218D: Early 218 with date
  • Accutron 2180: No day or date calendar mechanism
  • Accutron 2181: Date calendar mechanism
  • Accutron 2182: Day and date calendar mechanism
  • Accutron 2183: No day or date calendar mechanism and no second hand. Usually found in thin dress watches.
  • Accutron 2185: GMT watches with second crown at 2 oclock for second time zone

In addition, Bulova experimented with various hacking mechanism in the Accutron 218 Series; the later types are indicated by a letter after the four digit calibre number. For example:

  • Accutron 2182: Hacking via a post that lifts the pawl off the index wheel. Battery remains connected.
  • Accutron 2182F: Introduction of electrical contacts that means the ground plate of the component coil is isolated from earth once the crown is pulled out. Adjustable collect that touch tuning fork when crown is pulled out. Battery is disconnected when the crown is out.
  • Accutron 2182G: A more complex electrical contact system that is now an integral part of the component coil; to support this, a new hole has been made in the main movement plate and the stem has 3 setting positions: normal (in), first which hacks the mechanism but does not disconnect the battery and second which disconnects the battery. Due to these changes, many parts from the 2182G calibre are no longer interchangeable with the Accutron 2182 or Accutron 2182F calibres.

Accutron 2180 Models

Accutron 2181 Models

Accutron 2182 Models

Accutron 2183 Models

Accutron 2185 Models