Timex Model 62 Series

Very few companies produced a Quartz Controlled Balance Wheel movement; only Record-Golay, Porta, Citizen, Luch and Timex. The Timex Models 62 and 63 use such a movement.

  • Model 62 : quartz controlled : 21,600 bph : day and date
  • Model 63 : quartz controlled : 21,600 bph : day and date

The Model 62 is rarely found. Introduced in 1972 with a quartz crystal (49,152 Hz) and electronic parts produced by Hughes Aircraft, RCA and Microma. According to Doensen, this was the first watch with an adjustable resistor for timing.

The Model 63 movement was introduced about 1973 and production ceased in 1980. The connection with the ubiquitous Model 40 is obvious; in fact, if you remove the circuit board and then connect the two supporting post together, the movement both looks like and runs like a Model 40!