Timex Model 40 Series

The Timex Model 40 was first introduced in 1969; they were cheap movements produced in large quantities. The movement is similar to the Hamilton 500/505 in having a coil on the balance and a set of contacts, although it doesn’t have the ‘class’ of a Hamilton movement: pressed steel plates, very few jewels and chromed base metal case. They do, however, keep very good time and are very robust with their Armalloy pivots, the secret of why so many old Timexes took a lickin!

Unlike the earlier Model 67, the Model 40 has a conventional crown at 3 oclock.

  • Model 40 : electric : 21,600 bph : no date
  • Model 41 : electric : 21,600 bph : date
  • Model 42 : electric : 21,600 bph : day and date

First, is my rather interesting Timex Dashboard watch. The box is a little tatty but the watch is new-old-stock. It is designed to be either stuck to a car dashboard, placed on a desk or worn on the wrist — it has certainly never done the latter as the lug holes for the strap spring bars are mint, as is the whole of the chromed case.

A selection of other Model 40 based watches.