Timex Model 84 Series

Like the Model 67, the Timex Model 84 is another back-set movement. From the outside of the back-set case, you can tell them apart by the small screw that holds the back-set crown in place — only the Model 67 series has the screw!

The base Model 84 was first introduced in 1965 and is a straight electric movement with moving coil; the Model 85 is the date version. The Model 87 was introduced in 1969 and is more sophisticated with the movement upgraded with a transistor controlled, moving coil balance.

Like the Model 67 before it, the quality of this Model series looks significantly better than the mass-produced Model 40: a Model 87 movement has 6 jewels and an incablock-type shock system on the balance end stone.

  • Model 84 : electric : 21,600 bph : no date
  • Model 85 : electric : 21,600 bph : date
  • Model 87 : electronic : 21,600 bph : day

My selection of Model 84 series watches…mostly Model 87’s, the transistorized version: