Omega f300 Geneve

Introduction to the Omega Geneve Range

Omega f300 Geneve Blue Dial (198.0021)

Omega f300 Geneve Blue Dial (198.0021)

With its distinctive elliptical face and design borne of the free-living spirit of the late 60s and early 70s, the Genève Dynamic is a true original.

In 1967, the Omega Genève Dynamic was heralded as one of the world’s first ‘concept’ watch collections. It was a child of Omega’s glory days and exemplified the progressive design culture at Omega in the 1960s.

The elliptical shape of the case emerged from a serious exploration of the anatomy of the wrist. Computers were used to create an ‘ergonomic’ dial with concentric time zones for easy reading of the hour, minutes and seconds, made even more effortless by the use of colour contrasted hands.

A combination of bold design and innovative marketing led to the Dynamic becoming Omega’s number one selling watch of the early 1970s.

However, in 1971, Omega began slowly to integrate the Dynamic range into the De Ville collection. The name Dynamic was dropped and further models introduced wore the De Ville livery.

The Omega f300 Geneve Models