Omega f300 De Ville

Introduction to the Omega De Ville Range

Omega f300 De Ville Steel (198.0035)

Omega f300 De Ville Steel (198.0035)

Omega De Ville watches were launched in 1960 and marketed as water resistant, self-winding timepieces. Their varied and adaptable designs became very popular and by 1967, it had become the largest range within the Omega brand. The classic elegance of the case design has sealed it as a leading timepiece among luxury watch brands.

More recently, the De Ville was famously the first watch in the world to use co-axial technology, invented by British inventor and watchmaker Dr. George Daniels.

In 1999, the Omega De Ville Co-Axial watch was born, supplied with a co-axial escapement and free sprung balance, it has a greater exactitude, shock-resistance and requires less service than many other watches.

A symbol of refinement and reliability, the De Ville is valued by collectors for its exceptional case finish. It has won many important awards for being the personification of classic elegance, while presenting some of the most advanced wristwatch movement technology.

The Omega f300 De Ville Models