Omega f300 Cone Case Graining

Omega f300 Seamaster Steel (198.0018)

Omega f300 Seamaster Steel (198.0018)

The Omega f300 Seamaster “Cone” case is one of the more common f300 styles but many of them have lost their vertical graining around the outside of the case. Some have even been highly polished.

Although places like Swiss Time Services and Omega, Bienne, have the sophisticated machinery for re-graining stainless steel cases, it is not cheap to have it done. So, with some advice from a watch friend in Belfast, I decided to set out and have a go myself. I’ll describe each step in the series of photographs below.

Please note: this was an experiment and, although I was pleased with the outcome, I no longer use this method for the graining of Cone cases.

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