Omega f300 Tuning Fork

Omega Seamaster f300

Omega Seamaster f300

Like many other manufacturers (Tissot for example), Omega employed the ESA 9162 (date only) and ESA 9164 (day and date) tuning fork movements in many of their watches. These Omegas were usually referred to as the ‘Omega f300′ models reflecting the frequency of the tuning fork. The f300s must have been produced in the tens of thousands and are often seen on a certain popular auction site today.

The ESA 9162 / ESA 9184 are often considered the “Rolls Royce” of tuning fork movements. It was designed by Max Hetzel, who had previously worked for Bulova; he was also responsible for the Accutron 214.

Omega, like many other watch makers, allocated their own calibre numbers to these movements. The ESA 9162 was known as Calibre 1250 and the ESA 9164 as Calibre 1260. The Omega version of these movements differ slightly from standard ESA 9162 and 9164 movements in having copper plated plates throughout the movement; all other watch manufacturers kept the ESA-supplied nickel plated plates. However all the parts, including the plates, are fully inter-changeable.

Below is a selection of photographs of some of my Omega f300s, arranged by Omega range.




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