Hamilton Clearview

At first glance, the Hamilton Clearview is very similar to the Hamilton RR Special 51 apart from slightly different wording on the dial. However, turn it over and it’s immediately apparent why it’s called the “Clearview” — the case back has a bevelled-edged crystal set flush into the stainless steel back allowing a clear view of the 505 movement in action.

The Clearview is a rare Hamilton Electric; the estimated production run was only 1000, making it even more scarce than the exceedingly rare “Altair”. The first set of photographs shows the most common variety: the white dialled Clearview. Note: one of these Clearviews has the Railroad type swan neck fine regulator on the 505 movement; this is not correct.

The next set shows the black dialled variety. Notice the different hand set being employed; this is quite correct. Although René Rondeau quotes about a 1000 Clearviews being made, there is no breakdown between the white and black dialled varieties. From my own observations, I would say the white dialled one turns up at least 4 times more often than the black one:

The final set of photographs shows the black and white dialled varieties together as well as the similarity between the white dialled Clearview and the Railroad Special 51.