Hamilton Presentation Watches

Hamilton were quite successful in persuading companies to use their watches for presentation purposes. They were also quite amenable to producing one-off designs for companies, so there is great variety in combination of hands, dials and cases.

The Armstrong company are still going today and still use the same logo as on this Hamilton Electric below. The Armco is unusual in that the case is also made from Armo steel.

I really like this first one below…based on the Sea-Lectric II model, a presentation watch for the 54th Annual Governors’ Conference held in 1962. This watch being presented to Governor Otto Kerner of Illinois by Governor David Lawrence of Pennsylvania. The second watch is probably based on the Nautilus 400 and was produced in 1968 for the GREFCO company.

It is not known which company ordered these “13” watches from Hamilton. It is based on the all stainless steel Nautilus 502 and contains the 505 movement.  The second set of photographs show a presentation watch for Central Power and Light Company (CPL) employees. The design is based on the Hamilton Aquatel B from 1962.