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wordpress-logo-notext-rgbThe site was originally built using WordPress 3.8 (now 4.8) and uses a customized Twenty Twelve theme with numerous plugins.  This is an adaptive theme which means the pages will “adapt” themselves to whatever device they are being viewed on.  So a page may not look quite the same on a desktop versus a tablet versus a smartphone but all will contain the same content.



Primary navigation around the site is via the horizontal Menu Bar at the top of the page.  Sometimes the content of the Menu Bar will change as you navigate deeper into the site hierarchy.  For instance, if you visit the Hamilton page, the Menu Bar will change to show Hamilton, Project X, Richard Arbib, Mad Men TV Series, Electrics, Electronics etc etc. If you then go to Electrics, the Menu Bar will change again as you drill further into the Hamilton hierarchy.

  • Desktop Users: the contents of the Menu Bar will always show
  • Smart Phone and Tablet users: the Menu Bar will be collapsed; touch it to show / hide the contents.


Below the Menu Bar are a small number of links, separated by ” > “.  These are known as Breadcrumbs and will show you where you are in the page hierarchy.  As they are also links, you can click on any part of the hierarchy to go to that level…or back Home.  Note: when you’re at the top level of the page hierarchy, the Breadcrumbs do not show.

  • DesktopSmart Phone and Tablet users: the Breadcrumbs will always show.


Nearly all the images are clickable thumbnails.  Click on an image to see a larger version in a lightbox-style window.  If the image is part of a group, use the Left and Right arrows in the pop-up window to navigate through the image group.

  • DesktopSmart Phone and Tablet users: the images work in the same way for all devices.


If you cannot find what you’re looking for by using the Menu Bar and / or links in the text of pages, then use the Search box on the Home page.

  • Desktop and Tablet Users: the Search box can be found top left on the Home page
  • Smart Phone users: in portrait mode, the Search box will be at the bottom of the Home page.

Site Map

The list below shows all pages and their position within the page hierarchy. Click away! 🙂


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