Service and Repair

Service and Repair

Service and Repair

I offer servicing and repair on most electric and electronic watches. If you are a little concerned about sending your precious watch to a faceless stranger on the Internet, maybe the comments from past customers posted on my Feedback page will reassure you.

By the way, if you’d like to see where my past and current customers come from, take a look at my Customer Map!

Watch Models

The list below outlines the most common watch models that I’m asked to service and repair; the base calibre number of the movement is show in brackets.  If your model is not listed, don’t worry, I’m only showing the top 12 models; there are plenty of other models that I’ve worked on :).

  1. Omega f300 (ESA 9162, ESA 9164)
  2. Longines Ultronic (ESA 9162, ESA 9164)
  3. Tissot Tissonic (ESA 9162, ESA 9164)
  4. Eterna Sonic (ESA 9162, ESA 9164)
  5. Omega f300 Speedsonic (ESA 9210)
  6. Accutron 214 (214, 214H, 214HN)
  7. Accutron 218 (2180, 2181, 2182, etc)
  8. Accutron 219 (2190, 2191, etc
  9. Hamilton Electric (500, 500A, 505)
  10. Wittnauer Electro-Chron (Landeron 4750, 4751, 4760)
  11. LIP Nautic-Ski (LIP R148, R184)
  12. Timex Electric (M40, M87, etc)


Movements that I work on:

  • Elgin 725 and 910
  • Hamilton 500, 500A and 505
  • LIP R 27, R 148 and R 184
  • UMF 25 and UMF 26
  • PUW 1001, 2001 etc
  • Landeron 4750, 4751 and 4760
  • ESA Dynotron 9150, 9154, 9157, 9158, etc
  • Citizen Cosmotrons X-8, 7802A, 7803A, 7804A, etc
  • Bulova Accutron : Accutron 214, Accutron 218, Accutron 219, etc
  • ESA 9162, 9164 : Found in many tuning fork watches including Omega f300, Tissot Tissonic, Longines Ultronic, Eterna Sonic, etc
  • Omega Megasonic (Cals. 1220 and 1230)
  • Omega Megaquartz (Cal. 1310)
  • Timex Electrics
  • NOTE: I do not work on most quartz watches — please do not ask me to.
Helbros Electric (PUW 1000)

Helbros Electric (PUW 1000)

If you’re not sure what movement your watch has, no problem, either use the Movement Gallery page to help you identify it … or just get in touch using the Contact page. In addition, if your movement type is not listed above, I may still be able to help, so again, please get in touch.

The type of work I undertake includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Battery changes or battery conversions (i.e. when the original battery is no longer available)
  • Crystal polishing or replacement
  • Case (and bracelet) ultrasonic cleaning and polishing
  • Case Re-graining (Omega f300 Cone)
  • Strap and bracelet fitting and bracelet adjustments
  • Hand Re-luming
  • Hamilton 505 gold contact replacement
  • Hamilton 500 to 505 conversion
  • Dial and hand changing to suit your requirements
  • Dis-assembly, cleaning, re-assembly, re-lubrication and regulation on all of the movements listed above (and many others!)
  • Any other work you require!
  • Although I do not undertake dial restoration / refinishing myself, I can arrange to have this done
  • Water Proof Testing to 10 bar (100 meters).