Slava 114ChN Russian Clone

Slava 114ChN. Crown in : movement running.

Slava 114ChN. Crown in : movement running.

I’ve been collecting Hamilton Electrics for the last 10 years and I’ve colleagues who’ve been collecting them for 25+ years but none of us have come across the Slava 114ChN before April 2011!

This watch, produced by the Second Moscow Watch Factory in the early 1960s, seems to exist with one of two movements. One type has a movement similar to the Epperlein 100 Prototype while the other seems to have a copy of the Hamilton 500 movement. This page compares, in detail, this second type of 114ChN movement with the Hamilton Cal. 500 and describes how I managed to get my very rare example up-and-running. But for a high level view of the Epperlein 100, Epperlein 100 Prototype, Hamilton 500 and Slava 114ChN, plus a very interesting video clip from the Second Moscow Watch Factory, be sure to visit the Slava page.

First, the watch as received from a Russian seller in April 2011:

Next, the individual parts compared with those from a Hamilton 500; Slava on the left, Hamilton of the right. Slava seem to have done a very good job of reverse engineering the Hamilton 500; and the gilt plating of all parts is a nice touch.

And on to the repair. Two main problems: the coil was open circuit and the balance staff had a broken pivot. The goal is use as many original Russian parts as possible; I’d rather keep this rare watch as a non-runner but still be 100% Slava.

The restored watch, looking good and running well. Some have even suggested that this gold coloured 114ChN movement is more attractive than the original Hamilton 500 from which it is copied… I couldn’t possibly comment on that!