Accutron II (2014)

Bulova Accutron II Snorkel 96B208

Bulova Accutron II Snorkel 96B208

In 2014, Bulova introduced the Accutron II Collection — a series of watches that acknowledged the innovative Bulova Accutron designs from the 1960s and 1970s.

The Accutron II watches contain the same Bulova Ultra High Frequency (UHF) torsional resonator quartz movement that was first used in Bulova’s 2010 Precisionist Collection.  This movement is characterised by the smooth rotation of the second hand which is very reminiscent of the original 214 tuning fork movement.

There are many watches in the Accutron II collection and they can be viewed on the Bulova website.  I have a couple of examples which I show below.

Accutron II : Model 96B208

This one is clearly modelled on the original 1970s Accutron Snorkel / Deep Sea with the 2182 tuning fork movement.  It has the same dual crowns, internal rotating bezel with orange segment and mesh bracelet.   In the photos below, I show my newly acquired 96B208 alongside my original 2812 Deep Sea.

 Accutron II : Model 96B209

Same case style as the one above and still with dual crowns and internal rotating bezel, but with a blue dial.  Instead of a mesh bracelet, this one has a coffin style bracelet rather similar to the one found on the old 1960s 214 Astronaut.