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842 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Daniel Norton

    June 22
    Having discovered Paul’s website, I took a chance and sent him a non working, beaten up looking Eterna Sonic for a refurb. The results of his workmanship are spectacular. The watch looks almost as-new and is incredibly accurate to boot. I think it’s only gained about 15 seconds over the past month and a half- not bad for a 50 year old watch! I can recommend his service unconditionally.
    Thank you Paul!
    Daniel Norton
    Vancouver, Canada

  2. William Stern

    Paul serviced and replaced both my “hummers”, an Omega f300 and an eternasonic. They both work perfectly. I was delighted with his communication and service. They have a reputation as tricky watches to service and work on and he is clearly an expert.

  3. Sebastian

    Sent my Seamaster f300 from continental Europe to Paul for a date wheel change and a service. I am pleasantly surprised how quick and thorough everything went – even more so after Brexit. Paul was very transparent through the whole process and got back to me once he disassembled the watch and again when he sent it back.

    If I had another electric watch, I would not hesitate to send it to him.

    Thank you!

  4. Russell

    Sent my two Omega F300hz watches Paul for a service, when I sent the watches off they both kept poor time particularly after a day or so and one had an intermittent date fault.

    Both watches were turned around very quickly and I received them back in perfect working order.

    I will certainly be using Paul again in the future and would definitely recommend.

  5. Geoff Holmberg

    This is the second time I’ve had my Eterna Sonic repaired by Paul (my fault the second time- I dropped it) and again – swift service and a beautiful repair.
    No hesitation in recommending him.
    The fact that he’s often overwhelmed with work is testament to the quality for this specialized area (I tried to get several others locally to do the repair but they couldn’t
    Very sensible to put a hiatus on receiving watches when he’s very busy so that you don’t get frustrated.
    Very quick in responding doing the work and sending it out.
    Excellent job.

  6. Andrew Actman

    Sent my Omega speedsonic which was not in a good state. It is now back having been restored to beautiful condition and in a very quick turnaround. Thankyou for this. I will now cherish this watch.

  7. Martyn Stowey

    I would say that Paul is the embodiment of good old fashioned service, which unfortunately is a rare commodity these days.
    He recently repaired my Omega f300 which had been sitting in a drawer for at least 25 years.It was returned within a week and it is great to have my 21st birthday present back in great working order.

    Thanks Paul


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