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809 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Tom Steel

    After a recommendation from my local jeweller/watch repair I sent my lovely f300 to Paul. Just got it back today carefully wrapped up and it’s now humming along just fine. Really quick service. Clear instructions sent along with initial estimate which I thought was very reasonable given the parts and work involved. Wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.

  2. Rob B

    I highly recommend Paul’s services should you need them. He is quick, efficient, reliable, and is great at communication. Should I need to repair my watch again, I shall not hesitate to contact him. 10/10.

  3. Kevin Cook

    Well what can I say – Paul is brilliant!
    During a lockdown clear out I came across my Omega f300 which hadn’t seen the light of day for over 40 years. I had been told it was obsolete and not repairable back in the 1970’s by Omega, however, I found Paul’s website during 2020 and as it was so comprehensive and informative I decided to send my watch to him. His prompt appraisal, estimate and turn round time were exceptional and I was very happy to instruct him to proceed.
    Within a week Paul confirmed the watch was repaired and was being returned by tracked mail. Upon receipt I was amazed at how good the watch looked and over the last 8 weeks of use I can confirm it is an incredibly accurate timepiece.
    My watch is of great sentimental value and I never thought I would be able to wear it again, Paul changed all that and I have no hesitation in recommending him. I would like to express my sincere thanks and emphasise that all the positive feedback he receives is justly deserved!

  4. Arthur Lawrence

    I’m very happy that I found Paul’s website. After explaining the issues with my vintage Omega F300, he was able to fix and service it. All at a reasonable cost with everything explained up front.
    Paul did a great job and my watch was returned well packed and working again. Great service!

  5. Ron

    Very quick and effective Service ! Clear indication of likely Costs and my watch returned very carefully wrapped. No qualms in providing a good recommendation.
    Thanks for your professional approach Paul and quality Service.

  6. Paul Oliver

    I thought I would never see my omega cone watch work again until I found this web site. My watch is now running and keeping perfect time. Paul you are most definitely The Man.

  7. Nigel Hutchings

    I agree with everything that Oliver has just written! I bought the watch from a dealer in 2002 and it has been keeping good time till recently when it went berserk! Paul has replaced several parts and put a new metal date wheel in. Several teeth missing from old plastic wheel. Watch now looks like new.
    Bracelet sonically cleaned as well. Turnaround time in less than a week!!

  8. Arthur Newton

    Many thanks for the fixing my Omega f300, which is now keeping excellent time. The communication was good and the watch was repaired and returned without any problems.

    Best wishes


  9. Jorge Gaviria

    I’m very happy with my new omega f300.
    Excellent communication, service and repair.
    It was a wonderful job.
    Highly recommended.

    Many thanks Paul

  10. Oliver

    Just fantastic service, repair and cleaning of my late father’s Omega Electronic f300 Hz.
    The watch was in storage for over 22 years, but Paul has given it a new lease of life and brought it back to it’s mint condition.
    I ‘m wearing my dad’s watch now with a smile on my face.
    Paul was a good communicator from start to finish and everything was done so efficiently and effectively like he said.
    100% recommended by me.
    Thank you Paul

  11. Chris S

    Was delighted to hear Paul was servicing watches again. His service is excellent, good communication, quick turnaround and quality workmanship.

    He also has access to hard to find parts for the tuning fork movements, which is very important to keep these watches going

    Thanks again.

  12. Robin Lee

    I sent Paul my Omega f300 which had languished in a drawer since the late 1980s, fully expecting it to beyond repair, but it has been returned to me looking like new and humming happily away. I am delighted. Paul’s service is truly exemplary – prompt, clear communication and completely transparent and fair pricing. I would whole-heartedly recommend him to anybody.

  13. Joss

    Perfect service for my Tissonic, now humming away like new. Paul brought it back from the dead ten years ago, and it’s just back from a service and battery change. Exemplary service, quick turnaround, and a man who clearly knows his kit.

  14. Joe Telles

    Excellent service and communication from Paul to fix and service a cherished F300hz. No hesitation in recommending him and using him again myself.

  15. Maurice Hochschild

    Extremely effective repair job to a watch which I thought was finished. Also efficient and good value.

    Many thanks


  16. Mika Hermas

    Thank you Paul for the wonderful job you did on my f300. The shabby and silent thing I sent you came back shiny and fully operational again. Everything went really quickly, too! I particularly appreciate your communication and helpfulness which were truly great all the way. I’m so happy to wear my dad’s old hummer again! Best wishes from Finland.

  17. Philip Soper

    Sent my Omega Constellation f300 to Paul, which I have owned since new in 1972. It has sat sadly in a drawer for decades not working and had suffered some light corrosion inside. Paul got it working, cleaned it up with some new parts and back to me in 10 days. It is humming on my wrist now for the first time since the early 1980s! Thanks Paul. Brilliant service.

  18. Huw Davies

    Fantastically quick turnaround and very very good pricing indeed. Great communication. I’ll definitely use Paul’s services again. Thank you very much!

  19. Mark G

    Thank you Paul for the prompt and safe return of my Omega f300. A trustworthy expert who provides a great service and very quick turnaround. Highly recommended!

  20. Mark

    Thank you Paul for the service of 2 of my Omega f300 watches. Excellent service from start to finish and the only person I would trust my watches too.
    Best wishes

  21. Arthur Clark

    Thank you Paul, great service on my F300 Omega 1250.
    The turn round was a week, this is the first time i have used Paul outstanding service, more than fair price.
    Would highly recommend,

  22. William Blundell

    What a great service, in less then a week Paul has serviced , fitted new crystal date wheel and clean , it looks like new. the service i received was outstanding and would recommend .


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