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  1. J J

    I just received back my 2nd and 3rd watch, serviced by Paul. It took exactly 2 weeks, including the shipping from the continent to the UK, and vice versa. All the work was itemized, and agreed upon beforehand. The watches are now humming nicely in unison.
    Very recommended!

  2. Johan Sääw

    Paul repaired my Tissot Tissonic from 1973 and I am very impressed with the speed and quality of his work.

    The communication from Paul was clear and precise, making it easy to understand which repairs/services he recommended.

    I can highly recommend Paul to anyone needing a repair or service of an electronic watch

  3. Suzanne Pickup

    This is the 4 th watch I have sent to be serviced/repaired by Paul.
    As in the past, he kept me in the loop by giving me the total breakdown of it’s requirements. After giving the go ahead I received an email 2 days later saying all done. Payment sent I had the watch back within a week looking stunning. Going through the postal system can be a mine field at times, but Paul knows how to care for them. Before I open the package I always put it to my ear to hear the hum.
    If you have a watch that needs care, send it to Paul, you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Alan Turner

    So pleased I found this site as my Tissot Tissonic had stopped working over 40 years ago and within a week of receipt by Paul I had it back in tip top condition and all at very reasonable cost with a full breakdown estimate provided.
    This is a very effeciant and professional personal service, rare these days.
    Thank you Paul.

  5. Steve R

    The Master watch repairer at my local jewlers returned my f300 saying it was obsolete, so having found this website I put a note in my diary to check back regularly when I saw that Paul was temporarily closed to new work.
    I am glad I did return as he was done a wonderful job refurbishing the f300 I had from my Father, which had originally been bought by my Grandfather. Paul gave it a service, replaced the day and date wheels, the crystal, the crown, and polished the case, all at what seemed very reasonable prices. He broke the options I had for a refurbishment down logically and communicated quickly. The work was completed swiftly, and after payment the watch was back with me next day and looking great.
    Highly recommended. Steve

  6. Steven Fletcher

    Paul repaired, cleaned and serviced my f300 and even spotted that it had the wrong crystal. He preformed all the work to a super standard and on a very short time line at a fair price point.

    Cannot recommend enough

    Thanks Paul.

  7. Charles Ormrod

    Paul recently repaired my f300, cleaned it and replaced the crystal. The end result is a watch that looks a million dollars, and is keeping very good time. Just afterwards, at no extra charge, he also fixed an unrelated problem, a manufacturing fault whereby the glue attaching an identity plate to the movement had given way and the plate had come loose. Paul is always determined to do the best job possible, and his expertise in the watches he now focuses on exclusively (ESA 9nnn and Landeron 47nn movements) must be unrivalled in the UK. He is a national treasure in his field.

  8. Ian Gardiner

    My f300 had not run for 30 years. Put a battery in and to say the least it was a bit dodgy. It would keep good time and then gain several minutes in an hour. The date would skip and it look a mess with scratches across the crystal.
    Sent it to Paul and after a service, a new date wheel and crystal it came back looking and working like the day I bought it new in 1974 and all at a very reasonable price.
    If you want an f300 repaired or serviced look no further.

  9. Olivier Gutknecht

    I received my Constellation f300Hz today… what a pleasure seeing the quality of Paul’s work ! Really great. The new date crown works nicely, and with the new crystal the watch is really beautiful. Many thanks, Paul !
    You are a model artist Omega Switzerland should learn from !

  10. J.J.

    I would like to thank Paul for the excellent service he performed on my Omega Speedsonic, a watch nobody dared to touch. The service is fast, the price reasonable. Definitely highly recommended if you have one of these f300 Omegas needing some help.

  11. Alvaro J. Martin

    As always fantastic and very Professional job and at same time fast service!. I trust on him to care my electronic watches. Thanks again, Paul

    Alvaro J

  12. Karl Klare

    Paul is the best. My fathers Omega f300 was a mess, broken crown and not working. Wasn’t sure about sending the watch over the Atlantic but everything worked out well. Easy communications and fast service. I’ll be passing Paul’s info on to other people.

  13. Øyvind

    Paul serviced and upgraded my non running f300. Communication was friendly, clear and prompt, turnaround was very quick and the price was reasonable. I’m very happy to now have the watch back on the wrist.

    His services are greatly appreciated and highly recommended.

  14. Bouladoux

    Qu’importe le Brexit,la seule adresse pour votre F300 c’est electric-watch !
    La parfaite remise en état de l’OMEGA Constellation que mon père c’était offert pour son cinquantième anniversaire en 1971,m’aura coûté le quart du prix proposé par la maison mère et en beaucoup moins de temps ( 1 semaine !).
    Thank you Monsieur Paul

  15. Mark Durbin

    Paul has just serviced my first Omega f300 and upgraded the date wheel – First class from start to finish and
    all at a very fair price.This is a rare thing in todays watch market when passion to preserve these interesting watches is obviously more important than profit.I will certainly be looking for more examples of this type of watch movement and recommend Paul to anyone who needs help to keep them working.
    Thank you for all the hours you must have put in to offer this valuable service.

  16. Russell Walker

    Paul has very kindly just serviced and overhauled an Omega f300 for me. He is extremely knowledgeable about the f300 and I have every confidence in his workmanship. The watch now looks immaculate. I found his pricing to be more than reasonable when compared to some other repairers that I have spoken to, most of which did not have his in depth specialist knowledge of the watch. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul and am sure you will be delighted with his workmanship and service if he is able to accept work from you.

  17. Gareth Howard

    My cherished all gold omega f300 hadn’t worked in some time. I know Paul is highly regarded and extremely busy so was pleased to be able to get my watch into his workshop. After 2 days he emailed me telling me what work was required and I agreed. I was amazed at the low price quoted! For ultrasonic clean of entire watch, replaced gasket, full service with new battery and replaced index wheel – was cheaper than quotes I had for a service alone. He kept me up to date and told me the day I should expect watch back, was also happy to give advice when setting date and time (f300 owners know what I mean). The watch arrived back to me securely wrapped and is now looking great and working perfectly. I have timed it for last 4 days and it hasn’t lost or gained a second. A brilliant job at a great price. Would definitely use Paul again and highly recommend him.

  18. John Wollaston

    Recently heard of Paul via a friend of my son. Contacted him in relation to my f300 which has not been working for a number of years. Paul responded very quickly to my inquiry and I received my watch back today (in less than 2 weeks) . Watch looking great and working!!! – excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommended Paul his service is both efficient and effective.

  19. Nick

    Having been informed my cherished f300 was beyond repair be numerous “high profile” watch repairers/ renovators I was recommended Paul Wirdnam. Posted my f300 to Paul who emailed back directly ” service, clean and battery” which was promptly undertaken at a very reasonable price and posted back !!!!!
    Cant believe my luck finding such an honorable, talented individual.
    Many thanks Paul

  20. Mark Gledhill

    f300 dial re lume and refit of crystal and new crown, watch now looks as good as new, very happy with Paul’s work and all work completed in less than a week. I will definitely use your service again thank you.

  21. Anthony FLAHERTY

    I have an Omega f300, which my late father bought me as an 18th birthday present, some 47 years ago. It stopped working some 10 years ago and No watch repairer or even Omega Switzerland could fix it. Then by chance I was given Paul’s name. I researched him on the www got in contact and
    ” Bingo ” my Omega f300 is back on my wrist fully working, serviced, repaired and looking fantastic. I CANNOT praise Paul enough for a fantastic job at a very reasonable price. Don’t hesitate to contact this Gentleman he is the best. !!!!!

  22. Nick Ash

    Tissot Tissonic Service and refurb –
    Came across Paul’s (very informative) website after quite a convoluted search for someone able and willing to work on my Tissonic which had stopped working and had issues with the date wheel. If you’re reading this you’re probably already aware about how most vintage watch repairers go a bit pale at the gills when confronted with a tuning fork movement!
    Paul answered my enquiries promptly and courteously, and I was quickly impressed by his knowledge. Everything was clearly explained to me regarding cost and work, and options were offered but not pushed upon me. I have got my watch back this morning already – far sooner than I was expecting, and at a total cost considerably lower than I’ve paid for work on more conventional vintage watches such as automatic PR516’s etc.
    Needless to say, I am delighted with the high standard of the work undertaken and the dedication to customer service. Will definitely use Paul again, and would have no hesitation in recommending to others.

  23. John Bottomley

    I’m so glad Paul was able to service my Omega F300 – I love these 1970’s electronic watches but had worried after my usual watch guy said that they were too troublesome to work on.
    After a quick email exchange I sent my watch off to Paul, who stripped, cleaned and serviced it and returned it back to me within a week for a very reasonable sum.
    It’s now humming away on my wrist, better than new, and I couldn’t be happier.
    Many thanks

  24. stuart ager

    Paul has again serviced my Omega Constellation watch (1974 edition), quickly and economically. He provides an essential and extremely valuable service, without which i should be at a loss.

  25. John G

    Great service from Paul on two f300s. Excellent communications, friendly and courteous, endless patience and sound advice. Very reasonable pricing too. All greatly appreciated – thank you

  26. Mark

    Paul is the only person I would trust with my speedsonic. Wonderful craftmanship and great service.
    Why would you want to look any further?

  27. Richard Webley

    Paul worked his magic on a Omega f300 cone that my father-in-law gifted to me.
    It was in a sorry state as it had stopped working years before and my father-in-law had never managed to get it repaired so had let his son try to take it apart!
    I sent Paul a jiffy bag of watch and bracelet bits, and for a very reasonable price he sent me back a beautiful working watch a few days later.
    The workmanship is top notch, his communication was very prompt and professional. If you have an electric watch I can highly recommend Paul’s services.
    I intend to git it back to my father-in-law and I know that it will be a very well received gift!

  28. stuart ager

    Paul has serviced my Omega constellation (1974 model) for some years and always delivers an excellent service. When he first had the watch in was in a sad state because the battery had split and the 2 tiny coils were ruined. I cannot recommend his work highly enough. He is fast, efficient and reasonably priced for the expertise that he offers.


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