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  1. John Michael Duckworth

    I inherited my F300 when my Father died 3 years ago, it had been stopped for a couple of years, It was a present from my Mother when they had been married 25 years in 1977. I had it repaired at Sw—-tec.
    They also fitted new batteries over the last couple of years (£80.00 each time), shortly after they replaced the battery in recent months the watch stopped. I returned it to the aforementioned company who quoted me £640.06 to repair it etc. I requested that they return it after a protracted discussion with them. I sent the watch to Paul who fitted a new battery cleaned and serviced it plus one other part. the total cost including return postage was £80.00
    Paul kept me well informed as to progress etc and the total time taken was under three weeks, it is refreshing change in this day and age to deal with a true professional like Paul. Thanks again.

  2. Peter Rudy

    I received my Omega F300 as a graduation gift many years ago from my Mom. The watch had great sentimental value to me as she had to take on additional “homework” in order to afford it. I wore it for many years until it no longer would advance the date. I asked many jewelers over time and no one could help me. I did come upon one who said he had a friend in Switzerland who could fix it. He sent it on and I received it back after about 4 months. Unfortunately, the repair did not last long.
    I came upon Paul after reading a watch forum, and reading all the accolades. . I contacted him as he promptly replied with a detailed list of approximate charges. Obviously, he needed to examine the watch in order to firm up the price. He replaced my date wheel with a new stainless-steel version which he commissioned. Why Omega did not do this I cannot understand as it is an obvious design flaw. I sent the watch on and Paul kept me up to date on its arrival, completion, and shipment back. The turnaround was extremely quick, and the final total cost was very reasonable. The watch arrived back looking like new.
    I am very happy with Paul’s professionalism and I highly recommend his services. The type of service he offers is very rare in today’s world.
    Thanks Paul

  3. Rasmus

    Paul did an excellent job repairing my Old Omega “hummer” .. heard of him from a fellow danish watch collector. Would recommend him to anybody, truely preofessional proces from sending the watch to recieveing it back from repair – great work.

    – Rasmus

  4. Peter Gutteridge

    My Omega F300 Geneve was given to me as an 18th birthday present from my parents back in 1973 but had been left unused in a drawer for the last 30 years and was looking rather tired and I was worried that the insides had corroded and it might never work again.

    I contacted Paul about getting it looked at and on the same day that he received the watch he sent me a very inexpensive quote for what it needed. I asked him to go ahead and was very impressed by the quick turnaround. The watch is now looking like new and is humming away which brings back so many memories from when I first received it.

  5. David Lovegrove

    David L
    I can thoroughly recommend Paul at electric watches for any work required on these special time pieces.
    Very good communication, price and turnaround. If only all service suppliers were so efficient.
    My watch has great sentimental value and I was obviously wary of entrusting it to just anyone on the internet, absolutely no concern dealing with Paul who informed me of its arrival and dispatch.
    Top class!

  6. Marc

    Sent my Omega ‘Cone’ in for glass replacement and service. Paul checked it over he sent me his recommendations and after agreeing to them he continued with the service. A Faultless, fast and effecient service which I will definitely use again when the time arises. Thank you.

  7. John G

    Great service from Paul on two f300s. Excellent communications, friendly and courteous, endless patience and sound advice. Very reasonable pricing too. All greatly appreciated – thank you!

  8. Trevor Harrison

    Paul would appear to be the worlds go-to man for electric watch repairs/servicing and I wouldn’t go anywhere else…thanks

  9. Peter Catley

    Sent two omega f300 to Paul recently. One had been dead for years and the other was stop starting. His communications were excellent throughout the process. Recieved both back today working and looking amazing. The cost for sorting them, puts all watch service centres to shame. I can’t thank Paul enough and I just hope he continues his work for many years to come to preserve these movements.
    Peter from Lancashire, England

  10. Chris Taylor

    Serviced and repaired a 198.001 Omega for me. Communication was always clear and helpful. Work was top class. Prices very reasonable too. Turnaround time is great.

  11. Jason

    My Speedsonic F300 just stopped working one day and needed repair.
    Paul was not available so I took it to several local shops and even two Omega Specialists who could not help.
    As soon as Paul was available he took the watch and gave his appraisal and estimate for its repair.

    My watch was back with me very quickly and for an astonishingly reasonable price.

    Works perfectly .

    Cannot recommend him enough.



  12. Christopher Hunt

    This is the second time I have sent my 47 year old Omega f300 Cone for the professional services of Paul and have no hesitation in recommending his communications, quality of service, affordable prices and turnaround time. I was informed when the watch arrived and then received a costed breakdown of the works required. Within days I was informed the works were complete, transferred the fees and received my watch back … total end-to-end time seven working days.

  13. Brian Edgar

    I found out about Paul like a few others have on the Omega f300 forum I was very impressed by their
    recommendations to use Paul’s services so I contacted Paul regarding my Omega Constellation f300 which was not working,he advised me to send it to him for appraisal within 24 hours I received a break down of the work involved and cost which I found very reasonable. Within the week he contacted me to say the watch was ready I was amazed as I was expecting a few weeks, after payment the watch arrived next day
    I was amazed when I saw the watch it was like new, cannot but praise this guy for his knowledge workmanship and attention to detail thank you, I will definitely his services again
    Regards Brian Edgar

  14. Barry Gledson

    I’m happy to be able to reinforce many of the positive comments about the great service Paul offers.

    Paul repaired and serviced my inherited Omega f300 Hz Constellation Chronometer watch, which had stopped working. I had taken this to two other places with ‘Omega Specialists’ who wouldn’t touch it, and both of whom had recommended instead sending it to Omega (whilst also advising that becuase it was electric, Omega would well charge ‘silly money’ for servicing it). Anyway, because of that, I had pretty much lost hope of ever seeing it working again, but then happened to come across a mention of Paul and on a forum on another watch website.

    I contacted him, and received an estimate of likely costs, which were very reasonable (and much more in line with my budget). After that I sent it off*, and was then kept in the loop with clear and frequent communications, which were greatly appreciated. On this occasion the turnaround time was also very quick (weeks) which was a nice bonus as I was expecting longer. I received the watch back today, and am very happy with the service provided. I definitely plan to be using Paul again for any future servicing needs for my Omega f300 if he still offers such a service at that time (please dont go anywhere Paul!).

    For those nervous about sending your watch off (as I initially was), you needn’t be, as long as you do follow the very clear instructions Paul provides such as sending only via Royal Mail, Signed-For, Special Delivery.

    Again, I’m very pleased and highly recommended this. Thanks again Paul.

    Barry Gledson.

  15. Gerard Raspe

    Just received my Omega and Tissot back from Paul.
    As previous experiences: superb communication and speedy service at very reasonable prices.
    I would not hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone.

  16. Colin Drake

    Paul fitted a new date ring to my Omega Constellation F300 and serviced it.
    It’s running like new and keeps fantastic time and the date changes just as it should.
    I’d recommend Paul if you need any work done on an electronic watch.

  17. Stefan Roda

    Pauls website and reputation for services are really exceptionally excellent so I send him my f300Hz Omega constellation for service. What should I say: Paul is a very honest, professional and competent person with a fast and well organised service. The very well structured and extremelx informative website is a mirror of its owner and his way to treat things and clients. Thats one of the rare experiences of excellence one can find today when really lucky. I am really thinking of buying some more f300Hz’S in order to repeat that experience…… many thanks !

    Stefan Roda

  18. Mojmir

    I bought Omega seamaster f300 but it wasn’t working. i have send it to Paul and he checked the watch immediately after he received them and sent me mail with everything that he recommends to be done to the watch. After my approval he repaired the watch within few days and sent it back to me immediately after the payment. Watch works like new now. Great service and great communication. Highly recommended.
    Mojmir from Slovakia

  19. Tricia Marshall

    I’d had my dad’s old Omega f300 sitting in a drawer for more than 10 years as every watch repairer I took it to said they didn’t have the skills to repair it and Omega wanted silly money. I found out about Paul at Electric watches from an Omega forum online. From initial enquiry to repair and return took only a week and my watch looks like new and is keeping time perfectly. I’ll be back when it needs another service. Thanks Paul

  20. Barrie Thom

    Paul did an excellent job with my Omega F300. It wasn’t in the greatest shape but came back serviced, repaired and working a treat. From first contact to last, I was impressed by the communication and it is very clear he knows what he is talking about. Turnaround was swift and workmanship top notch. Prices for his work are more than reasonable and will definitely use his services again. If you have a electric watch in need of attention, have no fear in sending to Paul. Recommended.

  21. Marco Martínez Ramagge

    Paul did a great job on my Omega F300 Cone. After years in a drawer, the watch looks great now and keeps perfect time.
    Thanks Paul

  22. Lawrence Wilson

    I inherited a 1970 Omega f300 from my father that was stored for at least 25 years with the battery in it. I was sure it could not be repaired but sent it to Paul anyway. He responded timely, gave me a fair and complete quote and returned the watch quickly – including all of the replaced bits. Very professional.
    Couldn’t be happier to be able to wear my father’s watch every day.

  23. Kaare

    I have a Zenith XL-tronic, that seemed to be completely dead. I tried several watchmakers in Denmark, but none could do anything about it. Then I heard of Paul, and contacted him. The whole proces was smooth, took a couple of weeks, and the pricing was absolutely fair. Now I have a nicely humming watch again.

    I can only recommend Paul and his work.

  24. Simon Gordon

    Very pleased with the work as usual and a much better price than anywhere I have found around London and Essex area. Thank you very much.

  25. Chris

    So. I have a F300 omega that hummed but didn’t sweep. So did some googling and found a forum where Paul at electric watches was mentioned. I read that he is always busy but worth the wait. So I waited.

    Boy was it worth the wait. I emailed him pictures. Told him where I lived He sent back what he can do and his prices.

    I sent off my watch with a note inside so he knew who it came from and what I Would like done.

    Paul emailed me to let me know he had received my watch. And he would let me know how it goes which he did.

    Then I paid and it was sent back special delivery

    New omega crystal. Total strip down. Relumed hands. Regulated. Bang on. And within 2 seconds a day at the moment.

    I’ll be back next year for a service.

  26. GARRY Dark

    Just received my Omega Seamaster f300 back after a battery change. Looks great and keeping perfect time.

    I sent it to Paul as he had repaired the watch previously, and I have confidence in him working on my watch, as opposed to a jewellers or key cutting shop.

    Thanks Paul, will use you again.

  27. Grenville Philip Bennett

    My Omega f300 had been in the attic for 35 years, so was in need of attention.
    Paul kept me fully informed of what was needed to bring it back to it’s former glory, including a complete breakdown of prices and parts. I received a fully refurbished watch in a very short time at an excellent cost.
    No problems in recommending Paul, top class service.

  28. Peter Allen

    Paul did an excellent job on my 1970 Omega Seamaster 300HZ watch. Great communication, excellent quality of service, including new parts that were required and a quick turn-a-round. Perfect – thanks.

  29. Rob Munro

    Paul did a fantastic job servicing my Omega F300 (1250). He also put on a genuine Omega crystal and the pricing was very reasonable for the work involved. It’s now humming away very nicely – top work!

  30. Patrick Mitchel

    There are many pros and cons of owning a vintage watch. The electric watch in this respect is prone to bad reputation, which in my oppinion is because there are so few places to get them servced. These are very desireable watches in my oppinion as they are unique and different. Thanks to Paul who did a first class service on my Ultronic i now can proudly wear again.

  31. Steve

    Paul repaired and serviced my Bulova Accutron, great job at a good price with a quick turnaround. Good communication will use again.

  32. Boris K.

    Paul repaired my Omega f300 Constallation, watch looks like new, great job.I’m very satisfied with job done.
    Clear communication, good prices, fast shipping back.For every recommendation to all.

  33. John Seiler

    I just received my Omega F300 cone back from Paul. His service was excellent as was his turnaround time. He kept in continuous communications with me during its trip back to the states via a short detour to Malta, however, it made it back to papa. I would recommend Paul to anyone who needs the repair of an old electric watch. His charges were also very reasonable.

  34. Mark Campbell

    Received Omega f300 back today after a battery change. Great comms, quick turnaround at a great price.
    Will definitely use again for any service required on my watch.

  35. Gordon Frost

    Paul has done another fantastic job repairing my Omega Genève F300.
    Excellent communication and customer service.
    Every thing was completed within a week and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a valued timepiece restored or repaired.
    Thank you once again.

  36. julian fowkes

    Paul has brought our f300 cone back to life along with few upgrades!
    Good communication, good service and a great price.
    Highly recommended!!

  37. Chris Taylor

    Had a problem with my Omega Seamaster Cone f300. Between first email contact and my watch being back with me fully functioning was just one week. Price of work also very reasonable.
    Great service! Many thanks

  38. Gordon Frost

    Once again Paul has done a fantastic job!
    I sent him my Bulova Accutron and an Omega Genève which required a complete service and repair and he has completed a first class job within the week and returned both watches to me after excellent communication and service throughout.
    Anyone who contacts Paul can be assured of receiving the very best service concerning watch repair and restoration.
    Many thanks.

  39. Petri Sanaksenaho

    The other day i got back my Omega Geneve f300hz
    from Paul and once again he did a great job.
    Very quick work, goodprice and a good communication with me. Many thanks!

    Petri Sanaksenaho
    Västerås, Sweden

  40. Torkel Tellberg

    I had my Eterna Sonic KonTiki Electronic serviced by Paul and couldn’t be happier with the result. However, as stated by most others, I am most impressed by the professionalism, quick response and the quick TAT on the service.

    I will be a returning customer for other “hummers” in the collection and I highly recommend it to others.

  41. Thomas D. Nielsen

    Have just received two Omega F300 back from Paul. Great communication, very fast and very good prices. Both had service and new date wheel.
    I would not hesitate to recommend him and would definitely use his services again.

  42. Matty

    Had my f300 fully serviced , polished and much needed work inside the watch which needed doing. Paul done a fantastic job, great communication throughout. The watch looks almost new , how he achieved this with a forty five year old watch I’ll never know! Feels like I have a new timepiece to my collection.Thanks again Paul!

  43. roy barwick

    I have just received a Tissonic back from repair by Paul,I would highly recommend Paul excellent
    service and repair of my watch it is now working fine and very quick servive 5*.

  44. David Mawer

    Paul repaired my Omega f300. Clear communications and he did exactly what he said he would do. I have an old friend back and working perfectly.

  45. Steve Caddy

    Paul has done an excellent job on my Seamaster f300. Battery change, service, replacement date wheel and clean.
    Watch is as perfect as Paul’s excellent service.
    I would not hesitate to recommend him and would definitely use his services again.

  46. Eric Lawson

    Had my Eterna Sonic repaired by Paul, am delighted , the watch looks like new and is working perfectly, am impressed by the communication, workmanship and ,speedy completion of the job. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul for any work required on your electronic watch.


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