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  1. John Miles

    Paul – Thanks so much for rescuing my f300. Looks superb and running like a top!!

    Excellent and speedy repair/service.

  2. Walther Fuchs

    Paul’s excellent service is comparable to that of a Swiss watch movement: precise, reliable, high-quality manufactured to the highest standards.

    p.s. The service was carried out on an f300 constellation from the 1970s.

    Greetings Switzerland

  3. Guy

    Omega f300

    Highly recommend Paul, very professional service and couldn’t be happier with the watch.
    I was expecting the watch to be a write off as it was is such bad shape but it looks stunning and runs to near perfect accuarcy now, I love wearing it.


  4. Daniel

    When I was a kid my father wore a watch that made a mysterious humming sound when I placed it near my ear. I remember him explaining that it was very special and that the sound was made by a tuning fork. The watch was a Certina Certronic.

    I asked him about the watch a few years ago and he said that it had stopped working when he changed the battery. He had asked asked all the local watchmakers if they could fix it but to no avail. Still he kept the watch in his drawer and every now and then he´d mention it again and how he missed wearing it.

    A few weeks back he told me that he´d made a new visit to the local watchmaker only to get the same reply – nothing could be done to repair it. I told him that if he let me take care of the watch I would ask around in Stockholm where I live. I searched the internet and came across this site which was also recommended by some members on Swedish watch forum

    I contacted Paul and he assured me that he could make the watch run again, however it might take a couple of weeks. I must admit I was a bit hesitant to send my father´s beloved watch to an unknown man in a foreign land but my gut feeling said that this was the right thing to do.

    Today, on his birthday, my father picked up a parcel from UK at his local post office, unwrapped it and found his watch – cleaned and serviced with a new crystal and date wheel. Most importantly it was once again singing.

    Thank you Paul for bringing my father´s Certina back to life again and, with your quick service, giving my father the perfect birthday gift. I warmly recommend your services to anyone in need of help with an electric watch.

    tl;dr: For electric watches Paul is the man.

  5. Anders Forsberg

    I’ve had a watch (Omega F300Hz) serviced by Paul.
    Everything – from actual watch service to communication – worked absolutely perfect! Could not have asked for anything more.

    Needless to say – when tuning fork work is needed, Paul will be my guy!

  6. Mark dixon

    exceptional service and communication.
    Its not often that you encounter someone who takes so much pride in their work.
    I take my hat off to Paul

  7. Jason

    After taking my Omega Speedsonic to watch shops locally and being told “this can only go back to Omega for repair”, “the watch is old and not worth repairing”.

    I found Pauls site while searching the web. All reviews were universally positive and I can understand why. His website is also a great resource and a mine of information. He certainly knows his stuff.

    I contacted him regards the watch problems and repair, and he immediately put my mind at ease saying all the work was easily done.
    I was kept informed continually with cost estimates and time to repair. Initially a couple of weeks but was done much quicker.
    The watch was returned fully functional and even had the replaced parts I the box.

    5 star treatment and quality work.

    Jason – Bath

  8. Charles Elliott

    When I wanted my Father’s Omega f300 serviced I found Paul’s name appearing in every search. He offers incredible value for money in what is a ‘prestige’ industry and is someone that you can trust to advise what is and is not needed. On top of that, his communication is frequent and clear and his service fast. Highly recommended if you have an electric watch in need of help!

  9. John Else

    This is the second time that Paul has serviced my Omega Cone f300 , this time fitting a new date disc as well
    On both occasions I have been completely satisfied with the work & his attitute to customer service
    I would not hesitate to recommend him
    Thank you Paul

  10. Lucas Tomaszewski

    Recently overhauled a Omgea Seamaster F300, perfect service, exceedingly well priced and good communication throughout.

  11. Barry

    I recently sent an IWC tuning fork watch to Paul as the date wheel was damaged.
    It hadn’t worked for decades and Paul has given it a new lease of life.
    As mentioned by many others the communication and professionalism was admirable throughout the whole process of getting my watch fixed.
    Reading other clients’ reviews of Paul’s work helped to make up my mind about entrusting my timepiece with him, and I’d like to wholeheartedly reassure anyone to do the same.
    I’m another happy client, thank you Paul.

  12. Paul Barry

    My Omega F300 was in a pretty poor state. The crystal was damaged, the date was stuck and the watch had started running very fast and stopping when it was worn. The actual case of the watch was also in pretty poor condition including pitting on the bezel. I contacted Paul to see if there was any hope of a repair and got a prompt reply and a guide to pricing.
    I sent the watch to Paul and received an email as soon as he had received it. A couple of days later he emailed me with an estimate as to what it would cost to put it right.
    The watch needed the date wheel changing, the tuning fork was damaged and the crystal needed replacing. It also received probably its first ever service. I also sent Paul a replacement dial which I asked him to put on as it was nicer and in far better condition than the original.
    I received the watch back just over a week after sending it and it is absolutely perfect. Keeping perfect time. All of the pitting has been removed and the new dial looks brilliant. An ultrasonic clean did wonders too.
    The watch looks superb and runs perfectly now and the cost was brilliant for the amount of work that Paul had to do. I actually thought it was beyond repair.
    If your tuning fork watch needs repair then have no hesitation in sending it to Paul. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thanks Paul.

  13. Phil Darling

    I couldn’t find anywhere to repair my Longines 6312 Flagship Ultronic that didn’t engender a feeling of trepidation or a repair ‘cash cow’. I found Electric Watches and read about the quality and dedication of Paul Wirdnam and e-mailed him straight away. He listed what was required and the cost so I knew in detail what was involved in repairing it.
    I received the watch back today and am absolutely delighted with the quality of work carried out and the professional manner in which it was undertaken.
    I wouldn’t even consider going elsewhere with my watch and would unreservedly recommend his service.
    Thank you Paul.

  14. Christopher Pepperell

    Just had my Baume and Mercier Tronosonic back from Paul repaired and serviced for a reasonable cost but to a very high standard. The communications were 1st class I knew what was happening at every stage of the repair. Will recommend Paul to anyone who needs their tunning fork watch repaired.

  15. Richard Mundy

    Paul carried out a service and repair on my 1977 Omega f300Hz Geneve Chronometer recently and brought the watch back to life. It hadn’t worked for over 20 years after an unfortunate drop! (are f300Hz’s particularly vulnerable to this sort of shock I wonder?). Excellent communication, detailed analysis of the work required and speedy service.

  16. Ian Smith

    I received a great service from Paul who got my Omega Speedsonic up and running again. Good comms and a quick turn around.

    I would definitely use Electric Watches again and would happily recommend Paul to anyone thinking of using him.

    Thanks for the help.


  17. J Nelson

    First class service in overhauling my 1970-1 Eterna Sonic and replacing the date wheel.Watch runs exactly a month later. Quick replies and work, with fair charges. Recommended.

  18. Malcolm Ayres

    My 48 year old Omega Genevev f300 had not run reliably for many years. It was ‘repaired’ about 5 years ago by a local jeweller but was gaining about 20 mins per day. The jeweller claimed nothing could be done. I sent the watch to Paul having seen the recommendations on the web.

    After Paul’s attention, I now have a watch that is keeping very accurate time. The communication from Paul was excellent, no surprises, and the service very quick. Hopefully I will get many years future use from the watch, but should anything unexpected happen I will not hesitate to send the watch to Paul again.

  19. A Bartlett

    Paul has looked after my Omega F300 De Ville on a number of occasions. The watch has a sentimental value to me, and I rely on Paul’s expertise to keep my watch in tip top condition. He will do his upmost to rectify any problem. His communication and updates via Email are superb and his method of conducting business excellent, all very clear with no hidden extras. If you have a “older” type watch I can’t recommend him enough. Thank you once again Paul.

  20. Leonard Lewis

    My Zenith XL Tronic hadn’t worked for several years. I took it to well respected watchmaker in the Bournemouth area and they couldn’t repair it saying no spares available. I looked on line and found Paul Wirdham and sent him the watch. Today I received it back fully serviced, repaired and polished. Wow the watch looks fantastic and is humming away beautifully. I recommend Paul to anyone . A master craftsman. Len Lewis.

  21. David Jones

    I recently purchased an Omega F300 Geneve from a local antique shop it was running ok but gaining time and the crystal was in poor condition I sent it off to Paul for repair. Just got it back today new crystal and the case all cleaned up also took a link out of the strap for me, a bit early to say but time keeping seems better sure it will be ok. I was advised of what was needed and the price first class service and pretty quick just one week. Thanks Paul a great job

  22. Chris Taylor

    I recently had two Omega f300s repaired by Paul. I had found his website through recommendations of collectors and on Omega Forums. Paul’s e-mail communications were fast, clear and contained just the right amount of info to enable me (I am certainly not a watch repair expert!) to make a choice about what work should be done to my watches. The cost of the work was extremely reasonable.
    I am now back in possession of two fully functioning watches that I really enjoy wearing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paul’s services and I’m sure I’ll be using him again when I inevitably acquire another tuning fork watch!

  23. Mark Addleson

    Paul did a wonderful job in bringing back to life my Omega f300 Constellation Chronometer, a wedding present from my wife in 1975. He responded quickly to my initial inquiry about the likely cost, kept in touch as needed and, finally, mailed me fully restored watch that included a replacement date wheel and repainted florescent dots, which is keeping perfect time. I should add that when the watch stopped working in 2006, I did not have it repaired because I was advised that it would have to be sent back to Omega and the estimate for repairing it seemed ridiculously high. I also discovered, via Paul, that whoever looked at the watch at the time returned it to me with mounts and screws missing. All in all ‘working’ with Paul has been a very positive experience.

  24. Matthew Kita

    I recently had my Omega F300hz serviced by Paul. A watch that was inherited and hasn’t been working for over 15 years. After finding Paul through various recommendations through an Omega forum and reading the reviews by many of the people that have had their watches repaired I was confident that my watch would be in safe hands. Paul’s communication was brilliant not having a great knowledge on watches he recommended what my watch needed to bring it back to life. His prices are very reasonable. Overall a very happy customer and I highly recommend. Once again thanks Paul

  25. Lars Dahlen

    I recently bought my first tuning fork watch an IWC Electronic day / date ref. 3601 (ESA 9164). I knew that the watch did not work when I bought it but I had red about Electric-Watches and hoped Paul could help me.
    Yesterday I received the watch after repair and service. This job incl. change of index wheel was done in a very short period of time and with excellent communication. I am very pleased with the experience and contact with Paul. I guess that I will soon ask him for more service requests but this time for Omega f300.

  26. Jamie Saul

    Excellent service and communication from Paul. My 40 year old Omega f300 is as good as new. Will definitely use again in the future.

  27. Gerry Raspe

    Hi Paul,
    Just received my watches back from you.
    As per usual brilliant communication and speedy execution.
    Paul is highly recommended for his professiolanism and communication.

  28. Angus

    Paul did a fantastic job on my fathers Omega Constellation F300Hz. He was incredibly informative and helpful on the email discussions. I wouldn’t send this watch to anyone else now.

  29. A Rees

    I was left a 1970’s Baume and Mercier Tronosonic by my Grandpa when he passed away. I had never seen it working and so regretfully the watch spent quite a few years sitting in the bedside drawer. Having discovered this website I sent the watch to Paul. Amazingly he did some magic and the watch is now like new. I am very very proud to be wearing Grandpa’s watch and very grateful to Paul for his utter professionalism throughout. A totally trustworthy craftsman, and you can’t find so many of those these days. Great work. Thank you!

  30. Jonathan

    Thanks Paul for all your help with servicing my Omega f300 and replacing the battery. As usual, your service was up to your normal, excellent, high standard and I really appreciated the quick turnaround,

  31. Pete Duffy

    Bought an F300 Constellation online and as service history unknown asked Paul to appraise, service and repair as needed.
    First class communications so I knew what was going on and how much the repair works would cost, even the old part from repair returned along with watch that now looks and works as it did back in the early ’70’s.
    Thank you Paul

  32. John Daly

    Recently acquired an Omega Seamaster f300 ‘Cone’ in great condition but not working. Sent it to Paul and have just received it back fully working and beautifully cleaned (not polished).
    The turnaround time was really impressive and Paul kept me fully informed of my options (and pricing) at all times.
    I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul or in sending watches to Paul in the future. I received great service and great value.

  33. Mr S Sengkudduvan

    My Omega f300 which stopped working after 35 years continuous use due to failure of day/dates wheels. This happened about 7 years ago and all UK main Omega repair centres have refused to entertain and Omega Swiss wanted exorbitant money for a complete overhaul so it stayed in the back of the bedside table all these time, until I started to search through internet on Omega watch forum this year. One name kept coming up as the expert on the f300 movement.

    So I decided to contact Paul and he has serviced, replaced the day/wheels and also changed the crystal. All works were completed and my watch was back with me within two weeks and working perfectly as before. He kept me informed all the way and I was very pleased that I can wear it regularly again. His work is excellent and I can recommend him to all you search his web-site for his services.

    Another happy customer.

  34. Gerry Raspe

    Just received my 2 Omega and I IWC back from Paul.
    The communication and service were absolutely superb as per usual!
    I have no hesitation to recommend Paul to look after your tuning fork watches.
    The turn around time was absolutely fantastic!

  35. Charles Ormrod

    I thought I’d have to suffer the too-small steel bracelet on my otherwise brilliant Omega f300Hz for ever, or spend ages trying to find the exact same bracelet, with all its links, attached to a wrecked Omega. But Paul fitted a bracelet extension, painstakingly hand-filing it to fit. Now it’s wonderfully comfortable, so I can use this lovely watch without worrying that I’ll have to take it off after a couple of hours. I am delighted. Many thanks Paul.

  36. John Fairall

    Extremely happy with the service and experience in dealing with Paul. I thought I would have to scrap my Omega 300Hz Chronograph watch at one stage but Paul saved the day. I had concerns about sending my treasured time piece to someone I had only read about on his web site but having experienced his services first hand would definitely recommend him to anyone needing such a specialised service. Not only was he very efficient but also at a reasonable cost. Thank you Paul.

  37. Tom Mckinnon

    Once again Paul has come to my rescue repairing my Omega Lobster wristwatch excellent service and communication I recommend Paul to everyone I know with an electric watch.

  38. Terry Hood

    I’ve had a couple of old Omega F300 movements and an F300 Constellation in my workshop for years, waiting for me to have the time and patience to get round learning how to repair them, but it never happened. Then I came across Paul’s site and decided I should bite the bullet and get them repaired by somebody that knew what he was doing.
    What amazed me even more than the great communications, high quality of the repairs and attention to detail, was the real bargain the repairs turned out to be. To still be able to source (or maybe make) the spares for these movements and carry out the repairs at the very low prices he charges was a revelation. I know if these watches had gone back to Omega the costs would have been maybe 10 times more, if they had the spares to repair them. I can guarantee you’ll be highly satisfied with Paul’s work and never need to look anywhere else for the repair and servicing of your electric watches.

  39. Jeremy Taylor

    Thank you Paul for getting my f300 Omega “Cone” after many years of sitting in a drawer. Given to me by my parents for my 18th birthday, it is now back where it belongs, being worn.

  40. David Lindquist

    Paul did some amazing work on my grandfather’s old Omega F300hz to get it back to it’s natural humming state. Paul was communicative, fast and his work was stellar. I love knowing that the metal deat wheel he put in there will last. I will be wearing this watch at my wedding later this year. Thanks, Paul!

  41. Andy Mouser

    I stopped using my Omega f300 Hz about 35 years ago when I could no longer get the mercury batteries to power it. When I came across Paul’s website I decided to see if it was possible to get it working again. Paul did a service, crystal polishing and cleaning for a very reasonable price. Fortunately, I did not need any replacement parts. Now it is back on my wrist working perfectly!

    Excellent communication and service, I can fully recommend Paul if you need your electric watch repaired or serviced.


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