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757 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. John McGeehin

    Very pleased with the fast and friendly service when my Bulova 218 tuning fork watch needed attention. It was not running with a new battery. Paul sorted it, gave the watch an excellent face lift and the watch is like new.

  2. Brian Gallagher

    Second time I have sent my watch to Paul and again was very pleased with the prompt and efficient service l received. Would not consider going anywhere else.

  3. Barry

    Just got my Bulova Sputnick and Eterna Sonic back from Paul .
    Both working perfectly now after doing a bit more for me than his usual.
    A pleasure to do business with him and will send further his way in the future.

  4. Mike Littleton

    I chanced upon Paul’s website have rediscovered my Longines Ultronic which had languished in a drawer for too long and failed to proceed when fitted with a new battery.

    The watch was returned, looking amazing within 7 days and fitted with a stainless steel date wheel which brings peace of mind as the original plastic wheel is fragile.

    Needless to say, when my Omega Seamaster f300 requires attention I will be sending it to Paul. I cannot speak too highly of his service and attention to detail.

  5. Matthew Burton

    My Longines Ultronic was expertly repaired and serviced by Paul and returned to me in good time for a very reasonable price. The service included cleaning, regulating and a replacement date wheel.

    Before I discovered Paul at Electric-Watches, I contacted several well known Service Centres and I was given a lot of wrong information, horror stories and fantastical prices for repair.

    I highly recommend Paul@Electric-Watches, he knows his stuff!

  6. Birger

    What else can you say. Only recommendations . Paul did a wonderful work on my 69 Accutron,
    It looked like new when it came back.
    So, now, hopefully he will take care even of my 64 black Accutron.

    Regards from Sweden


  7. Philippe GALLETOUT

    My Geneva ƒ 300 Hz works perfectly again : thank you Paul.

    Service is great, you’ll get a quick answer to any question/request.

  8. Pierre

    My Bulova Accutron railroad 2181 needed repair and servicing. I sent my watch to Paul for the first time and I highly recommend Paul. Cost and delay have been more than acceptable. I am happy to get my watch back in perfect state.

  9. Norman

    Wow, what splendid service. My watch was posted, repaired and returned within 7 yes 7 days.
    It looks stunning once again, the case having been polished, the glass replaced and the watch itself repaired.
    Thanks Paul.

  10. Patrick

    Six days after sending my wreck of a watch to Paul I received back a totally restored timepiece with which I am very happy.

  11. Trevor Harrison

    Great service at a very reasonable price. Sent and received back looking shiny and new within a week.
    Thank you Paul

  12. Stephen Walker

    I have today safely and speedily received my Bulova Accutron after a full service, new crystal and comprehensive clean.
    As this was purchased for me by my parents for my 21st birthday way back in 1975, and well worn for many years before it stopped, I was a tad concerned about sending it, but my concerns were unfounded.
    Paul’s communication, professionalism and skills have ensured that I can now wear my ‘new’ watch with pride.
    One happy customer. I don’t just look at the time now, I enjoy the hum.
    I would not hesitate to recommend Paul, whose name I found from other recommendations on forums.
    Many thanks.

  13. Neil Green

    Little more than a week after sending my Polerouter Electric to Paul, it’s back on my wrist and running beautifully. Excellent service, professional communication and great value. Very much recommended.

  14. Tim Coates

    Thank you Paul for servicing my Omega Constellation. It arrived back gleaming with its new crystal and humming once again. I think my Tissot hummer will be next – the battery can’t last too much longer!
    Best Regards,

  15. Bobby

    I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Paul.

    Like many of the comments on this feedback channel, I was extremely nervous about sending a watch by post to someone I had never met, especially as I am currently based in India. But after reading all the positive feedback and a little correspondence with Paul, I took the plunge. Paul even advised me on how to package the watch!

    I sent him a neglected Bulova Accutron 214 Spaceview M7 which was not working. As I did not want to trust Indian postal services and customs, I asked Paul if he could get the watch finished in time for my son to bring it back to me during his half term holidays as the next opportunity I would have to be in the UK was spring 2018! This gave Paul a very small window of opportunity to take a look at the watch and see if could be repaired etc. Despite a full order book, he took on the watch and in just a few days, gave it a full service, clean and new crystal just in time for my son to bring it to me. The watch is transformed, running very well and humming beautifully.

    As many others have stated, Paul is prompt, courteous and professional. I wish I had another watch to send him….time to start looking!

    Thank you Paul.

  16. Colin

    Have a small older watch collection which, sadly, I have not looked at for quite a while.
    Decided to make sure that they were all OK ,so took them out and found that of the 20 or so only 3 were working.

    Have sent many watches to Paul in the past, so naturally that is where the first two went.
    The first – Omega Seamaster f300 – was fine, except that the battery was old and quickly replaced, but I asked for a service as well. When it came back – 4 days later – it was working well and I’ve checked it’s time keeping over the last few days, and it is showing a small gain of 2 sec per 24 hours over the last 7 days.
    Very Very pleased with it.

    The second – Hamilton Electric Nautilus 503 – was not so good. Paul told me that it needed new gold points. I decided not to do that for the moment, just a service, as I was wanting to sell the watch and needed to see what prices were. After the service Paul said the watch was still erratic so he would not charge me.

    What a great watch wizard Paul is! Over the years, whilst he has been good enough to look after my watches, I have always found him to be honest, reliable and a wonderful watch-mender, if there is such a word.

    I shall continue to ask Paul to work through my watches at the rate of 2 per month until they are all done. I cannot recommend him too highly.

    Thank you Paul

  17. Charles Ormrod

    I forgot to check a shirt pocket before loading our washing machine, my Accutron 218 went through the cottons cycle at 40 degrees with 1,100 rpm spin, and Paul Wirdnam fixed it afterwards! Paul is nothing less than an Electrical Horology National Treasure. His matchless expertise in repairing and conserving surviving Bulova Accutrons is combined with rapid and friendly communication and prompt attention to all the work he takes on. Furthermore, his charges are very reasonable and well explained.

  18. Dermot O'Beirne

    I found it strange sending a sentimental watch to a faceless person – BUT boy, am I glad that I did!!!

    My father had tried to fix his Omega Constellation over 20 years ago- by sending it to Geneva, to Omega- with no luck. 20 years later through an internet search, I found Paul, and the rest is history. A shame that my father could not have located him , when he was alive , as he tried so hard to get it fixed!

    THANK YOU, Paul

  19. S M

    Deal with confidence!

    I had Paul service and repair two 1970’s Omega f300 electronic watches in August 2017. Shipping from Toronto was hassle-free and Paul serviced the watches very promptly. The watches were delayed by several weeks in Canadian customs on the way back to me (by no fault of Paul’s) – when I eventually received them, they were in excellent condition, exactly as described.

    Communicating with Paul during this wait was painless – he is prompt, courteous and professional and his pricing scheme is both reasonable and transparent.

  20. Sam

    There are only a few people in the UK with the knowledge, expertise and parts to repair f300 watches, and Paul is one of them! I would not want to entrust my electric watches to anyone else.

  21. michael

    I have used Paul’s services a couple of times now and it’s obvious this isn’t a job it’s a passion.
    I personally feel that I always get a very good service along with a fair price and regular contact. I know that there are other people in the UK repairing electric watches but I doubt any would surpass Paul’s expertise.
    Paul’s knowledge is a valuable resource and long may he continue his good work.

  22. Stig Bengtsson

    My nice Omega Seamaster Chronometer arrived today It is already on my arm working perfect as always
    Paul has fixed a lot of Omegas from me Every time they come home humming at 300Hz
    No more just now but they will come.

  23. Stewart Millar

    This is the first time I have used Paul’s services but not the last. I am a collector of Bulova Accutron and other electric watches. Some years ago I purchased a Bulova Accutron Astronaut Mark II from that well-known Internet auction website. The watch arrived and on inserting a battery it sprang to life. However, the crown used for setting the second time zone had become detached from the watch. After searching the web I came across Pauls very informative website and contacted Paul regarding repair & service of the watch. Needless to say, the watch was subsequently repaired and services in a timely manner and I am very pleased with the results. I can recommend Pauls repair services and I will in future contact him regarding future servicing and repairs to my Accutron/Electric watches.
    Thank you, Paul, for a first class and professional service.
    Stewart Millar

  24. Petri Sanaksenaho

    I got my Bulova Accutron Day&Date and my Longines Conquest Electronic back yesterday. Paul did a service on both watches and replaced some worn parts.
    As usual he did a great work and to a very modest price. I also like the way he informs me on the process of the work. Thank you Paul!

    Best regards Petri Sanaksenaho

  25. Matthew Cohen

    I have had Paul service and otherwise revive several of my watches over the years, including Wittnauer Electro-Chrons and one Vulcain Electric. He always respects my special requests (such as cleaning but not polishing the cases) and the results are always excellent, at a very reasonable cost. Paul always goes the extra mile to ensure satisfaction–in one case literally, when he made inquiries into a package that I had mistakenly sent from the U.S. to the wrong U.K. address! Thank you, Paul!

  26. Steve Fox

    Paul has just returned my Bulova Accuquartz to me, having serviced it, repaired the bracelet, and replaced the crystal. It looks like new again! Thanks again Paul for superb professional service with great communication.

  27. Tim

    Thought my beloved Accutron (a much-treasured 21st present) had died for ever after 42 years, many dire warnings and shaking heads wherever I took it. Then google found Paul’s site for me – and it immediately impressed me with its professional and informed content.
    And now the watch lives and hums again! Paul is amazing – kept me informed from Day 1 and was incredibly patient with my naive and persistent questioning. A consummate professional and a superbly qualified specialist in his field. Told me stuff about my watch that no-one else had in decades. And he’s given me the confidence to buy a vintage Accuquartz to complement it – now I know there’s someone trustworthy, capable and good value to go to if anything goes wrong. Thanks again Paul!

  28. Simon Taylor

    Just received my Omega f300 back from service. Fast turnaround, great communication, and well priced for the level of skill and knowledge involved.

  29. Richard Hunt

    Paul recently returned two more Accutrons and once again I am delighted with his work. Both are working perfectly and look extremely good. Excellent communication and attention to detail as usual. Thank you.

  30. David Wallace

    Just received my Eterna Sonic back from Paul. Has had a full service, ultrasonic case clean, new crystal and strap. Now restored to its former glory! Very professional service, good communication and extremely reasonable prices. Highly recommended.

  31. F Griffin

    Paul just serviced and repaired two Omega f300hz constellations for me, he provides a superb reasonably priced range of services with excellent communication throughout the process from start to finish. I will use his services again and would recommend him to anyone who has a electronic watch that needs fixing.

  32. David Patience

    Fortunately a straightforward fix for a newly purchased Accutron but Paul provided a quick and professional service, with great communication..

  33. N W

    Paul has cleaned serviced and repaired yet two more watches an Omega Constellation and Omega Geneve with excellent communication and a swift return. I will certainly be returning with more items in due course.
    Fully recommended. thank you

  34. Lubomir

    I just got my Omega f300 repaired. Paul communicates very well, works quickly and quality of his work is high. Would recommend any time.

  35. Stig Bengtsson

    One Omega and one Eterna came home to Sweden today.
    They are humming in perfect order.
    I will come back soon

  36. Anthony Witcombe

    I found Paul to be true to his word in his dealings with me. He communicates with his clients only on email. No telephone. No text messaging. He says that this means he can do his repairs and communicate with his clients by email more quickly and efficiently … and it’s true … it does. He’s good. He’s really good. I got what I expected and the watch is excellent. This sort of service is rare nowadays and I happily recommend him to anyone wanting work done on a proper electric watch. Thanks Paul.
    (Anthony Witcombe)

  37. Van

    Paul has serviced more watches for me now than I can reasonably recall, and the fact that I continue to come back to him is a testament to his skill and knowledge in the servicing of these niche timepieces. This time, he once again serviced a variety of movement types with aplomb (Lip, Accutron) for me, and all of the watches came back looking and running terrifically!

    Thanks, Paul, for another masterful job!

  38. Garry Dark

    I sent Paul my Omega Seamaster f300, after it having been sent to Omega/Longines, where I was quoted literally thousands to repair it! I’m happy to say that it is now running perfectly and at at a 10th of what I was quoted. Great service.

  39. CHRIS



  40. Charles

    Paul serviced my watch, changed the tuning fork and fitted a new glass on my Baume&Mercier Tronosonic (ESA 9164). He also had hands and dial re-lumed.
    He works extremely quickly and is very professional. He’s keeping you up to date and gives you very useful advices.
    Highly recommended service.

    Pour les francophones :
    Paul a réparé ma Baume&Mercier Tronosonic, il a changé le verre et le diapason. Et il a aussi (à ma demande) restauré la luminescence des index du cadran et des aiguilles. Il travaille extrêmement rapidement, vous tient au courant de chaque étape et peut vous conseiller lorsqu’il y a un choix à faire.
    C’est un véritable gentleman, grâce à lui ma montre est comme neuve après plus de 40 années passées dans un tiroir. Donc n’hésitez pas à lui envoyer votre montre.

  41. Tim Drake

    There seems to be a large number of f300’s brought back to life recently, and now mine can be added to that number. Mine was running, but kept inconsistent time (ran fast intermittently for no apparent or discernible reason). If the results of today’s test wearing are maintained it’ll be keeping better time than it has for more than 30 years, so I’m absolutely delighted with the result and look forward to including again this watch in my rotation.

    Excellent communication throughout, and it was sent out as requested to coincide with my return from holiday.

  42. Harambee

    Just received my latest batch of Accutrons back from Paul.
    Once again great to see them looking so good and more importantly running well for the first time in years.
    More on the way to you soon

  43. Steve Fox

    Paul has just repaired and serviced my Omega Seamaster f300 which has been languishing in my bedside cabinet for years. Before hearing about Paul I wasn’t prepared to pay the silly prices quoted by high street jewellers to have it fixed. Paul has repaired the watch fitting a stainless steel date wheel, ultrasonically cleaned the case, polished the crystal, all at a very reasonable price. His professionalism and communication are second to none.

  44. David D'Imperio

    Received my repaired/refurbished f300 Seamaster back from Paul yesterday and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had it since 1976 and had not worn it for decades. Great service, very fast turnaround and excellent communication. I highly recommend his professional expertise and workmanship. Impressive!

  45. David John

    I have relied on Paul to service and repair a number of my electric watches in the past with a successful result in every case. He has recently repaired a Bulova for me and charged me less than he quoted because it was a less complicated job than he had anticipated. He is highly efficient, honest and offers very good value. Highly recommended service.

  46. joh wake

    Just had my Omega f300 serviced (fixed).
    Extremely quick work with excellent communication.
    You get exactly what is promised.
    Would use again.

  47. Damo

    Paul recently serviced, fitted a new date wheel (common problem) & new glass to my F300. The watch is now running perfectly. Communication was excellent and the price very reasonable. No hesitation in recommending Paul to others.

  48. Barry

    My Bulova ” Woody” arrived over the weekend from Paul , humming along beautifully and keeping great time after his usual magic.
    A consummate gentleman and a pleasure to do business with.
    Next one on the way soon , which should be an Eterna Sonic, unless I find something more interesting in the meantime.


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