Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you service and repair electric and electronic watches?

Yes I do!  Please use the Contact page to get in touch.

Do you work on manual or automatic wind watches?

Yes I do…time permitting.  It will depend on my workload as electric and electronic watches always come first! It will also depend on the age of the watch.  Best to get in touch via the Contact page.  If I cannot help you, I can certainly give you the name of some very competent watch repairers in the UK.

Do you work on pocket watches?

No, I’m afraid I do not.

Do you sell parts?

No, I’m afraid I do not. I need all the parts I can get to repair other people’s watches.

Do you give valuations?

No, I’m afraid I do not for several reasons. The best place to find what your watch is worth is to search the Completed Auctions on eBay.

Are you interested in buying my electric / electronic watch?

I might be!  I’ve certainly bought watches from people getting in touch in the past.  Please use the Contact page and then go and take some photos of the watch!

Are the watches on your website for sale?

No they are not. Nearly all the photographs on this website are of watches in my own personal watch collection.  One day I may sell them…but not yet.

I cannot see your address or email address on the website.  Whereabouts are you and how do I contact you?

I’m based in the United Kingdom but I work on electric and electronic watches for people from all over the world. Please use the Contact page to get in touch.