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LIP R148

LIP R148

A page to help you identify the movement in your electric or electronic watch! I’ve also sneaked in a few interesting early quartz movements such as the Beta 21, Longines 6512 and Omega 1310.

Not every movement is shown. For example, not all calendar variations are shown i.e Bulova movements 2180, 2181, 2182 and 2185 all look identical from the non-dial side. Likewise some movements (i.e. Beta 21, ESA 9162) have been used by many watch manufactures who have each allocated their own calibre numbers to the movement; only the movement manufacturer’s calibre number is used below. And then there are those movements that I do not have an example of…real rarities like the Russian and Chinese tuning fork movements!

Click on any image to see a bigger photograph of the movement; you can navigate through the larger images using left and right arrows on the popup screen.


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