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647 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Gill R

    I would like to thank Paul for his dedication to keeping electric watches alive. I sent Paul my husbands Omega F300hz for a service. The watch looks better than ever and is now running perfectly. Paul made the process very easy, applied great communication and was a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend him and use his service again. In fact I will be using his service again very soon!

  2. Steven Harrison

    Paul serviced and repaired my 1966 Hamilton Ventura , he was efficient and and thorough . He kept me informed throughout. The watch looks great and goes like a dream . Great service , Thanks Paul.

  3. Peter

    Paul recently carried out a full refurb on my 1975 Omega f300hz, including a new date wheel. All work carried out extremely well and returned promptly, all for a very reasonable price. My watch now keeps near perfect time, after a couple of months still matching my iPhone!!

    Thanks for a great service Paul, keep up the good work!

  4. Tony

    Paul has carried out repairs on my 40+yr old Omega on two occasions. He is very effecient, and his Email communication is superb. His standard of workmanship is also excellent. Can’t praise him enough. Thank you Paul.

  5. Simon Gordon

    I’m very impressed with the work, price and service. My 40+ year old watch is probably very difficult to work on and I thought it may finally have died but a few days later it’s back on my wrist in perfect working order.

    Paul always replies to emails in seconds and his prices are the best I’ve found anywhere in the UK.

  6. didier roux

    Thanks Paul for your work on my speedsonic.
    Perfect job done for a nice price with very good relationship.
    Best regards

  7. Philippe

    Paul applied his amazing skills to my Omega F300 and brought it back to life in no time. The watch looks and feels brand new. He was a pleasure to with from the start until the very end. Very lucky to have such a master keeping the electric watches legacy alive.

  8. Andy Dick

    Paul has done a fantastic job on repairing and servicing my 18K Omega F300. His work speaks for its self and I’m delighted with the end result.

  9. Eric

    Update to 5/18 post-
    Watch arrived today! So beautiful I almost cried!
    Absolutely wonderful craftsmanship and service!

  10. Richard Hunt

    Paul has just returned four more of my watches and, once again, I am delighted with them. Anyone who has ever sent a watch to Paul will henceforth have total confidence that he will use his incomparable skills with 100% determination to return a watch in the best possible working and cosmetic condition. He takes great pride in his workmanship and his attention to detail is commendable. He clearly gives each watch his full and undivided attention. Sending away valuable watches might initially be a little worrying but with Paul one can rest assured that they are in the safest and most trustworthy of hands.

  11. Matthias

    THX to Paul Ms. Omega f300 Cone is almost like new 😉
    Absolutely trustworthy and highly recommended!

  12. Eric

    It almost seems pointless to heap more accolades on Paul and his service based on the glowing reviews ahead of mine. What more can I possibly add? While so many have already told you how good he is, though, I do believe I need to join in the chorus. He responded promptly and in detail to my inital request for information on servicing my grandfather’s Wittnauer Electro-Chron that has been sitting unused for over 20 years. His level of service and professionalism has remained constant through all my interactions with him. As to the quality of his work as an horologist, I can not yet say as I live in the U.S. and the watch has not yet gotten back to me, but if it matches the other aspects of his professionalism, I do not need to receive it back to write a positive response! Thank you, Paul, for providing a level of service that is hard to find anywhere today!

  13. Cormac Browne

    Paul was courteous, professional, helpful, punctual and true to his word – 100% recommend this service. My old Omega Geneve f300 is humming like new (after lying stopped for almost 20 years!) Cheers Paul!

  14. Michael Caratzas

    Paul did a wonderful job repairing my 1960s Belforte Clearview watch, which has a LIP electronic movement. I was hesitant to send the watch out of the country (I’m in the U.S.), but Paul made the entire process very quick and easy, and he’s reasonably priced to boot! I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing repair of a vintage electric, electronic, or Accutron watch.

  15. Raymond Jones

    I had four tuning fork watches. Two needed some work, and the other two I regarded as virtual basket cases. Luckily, I had by then become aware of Paul’s fantastic expertise in working upon these specialised items, and entrusted them all to him for attention. The result is that I now have four perfectly serviced/repaired ‘hummers’ looking wonderful and working perfectly. I cannot fully express my gratitude to Paul for his wonderful work, and would advise anyone with similar problems to contact him for advice and possible service.
    Many many thanks Paul. I am deeply grateful to you for all your work.

  16. M G Allderidge

    I took my old Omega Electronic f300 to an Omega Agent near here for a new crystal and servicing and it came back saying not possible as spares not available.That is really pathetic (I guess they just want to sell new watches). Fortunately I found Paul’s site on the internet and he has done everything required in very quick time. Highly recommended.

  17. Matt

    Sent my Eterna Sonic Electronic with the 1550 movement in to Paul. It was dead but he resurrected it back to life and also changed the crystal. Now it looks almost like new! I would recommend anyone to send in their watch and get it going again. These old tuning fork watches are so much more fun that any newer quartz. Cheers!

  18. Laurence

    Thanks to Paul, my Accutron 218 is now keeping excellent time. It isn’t easy to find anyone offering reliable service/repair of these watches so I would happily recommend his service to anyone needing work on a vintage electric watch. This is the second watch he’s worked on for me and I’ve been very pleased with the work done in both cases.

  19. Thuc

    I’ve had 2 Omega f300Hz watches serviced and repaired by Paul, both have come back looking and working great. The latest one ( Seamaster f300hz Cone) I got back from Paul is running +1 second after 10 days! I’m a big fan of these watches and will definitely be using Paul services again. Thanks!

  20. Barry

    My Bulova Accutron 2182G.
    Just got her back from Paul.
    When sent to him she was as dead as a Dodo now she’s humming perfectly .
    A brilliant job and now have just got to get the others out, to send his way.

  21. Joel

    Paul did an excellent job of servicing my Longines 6312 movement.
    I will definitely be sending any other electric watches to him

  22. Van

    Another batch of varied electric/electronic watch movements (Lip, Landeron, Hamilton, f300) serviced expertly by Paul! Also, extremely nice clean up of the cases and other assorted repair/restoration done with the usual attention to detail, all to great effect!

    Thanks again, Paul – another group is on it’s way soon!

  23. Sheila

    I live in Italy and had searched for 2 years to find a watch repairer to replace the battery and service my husbands Omega f300 geneve gold square chronometer. I was informed the watch was obsolete and a replacement battery was no longer available.Then I found Electric Watches and Paul on the internet and with that success . The information service and workmanship are second to none. The watch is now in full working order I have no hesitation in recommending Electric Watches to anyone.From the initial contact on 22/11/2016 to the return of the watch cleaned and in full working order on 11/01/2017 given this took place over the Xmas and New Year period and Italy’s postal service being what it is at the best of times – erratic. To say I am delighted is an under statement. The whole procedure was very straight forward.
    Thank you Paul

  24. Geoff

    I have been trying for years to get an Omega f300 Seamaster Chronometer serviced – it was not working at all. Having contacted several ‘experts’ and Omega themselves, it was becoming obvious that they didn’t actually understand the problem and I got several differing versions of what needed to be done. Having contacted Paul and outlined the problem, he replied immediately with details of his service and costs, and an indication of what he considered the problem to be. I am delighted with the returned watch, which is not only working again after several years, but also looks great after a good clean! I have no hesitation in recommending Paul’s services and I would certainly use him again.

  25. Ralph Moore

    It’s the first time that I have used Paul to service my Omega Constellation f300 and he has done a great job. He was quick and It has come back in excellent condition. I will certainly be using him again. Thanks again to Paul.

  26. Julian Roy allenby

    Paul has done a fantastic job on my titus tuning fork watch which I had totally ruined or so I thought by dropping it very hard on a very hard surface but Paul has repaired and it’s like new thank you so very much.

  27. justin

    I sent Paul my dads 1970 Bulova Accutron 214,which he hasn’t worn for about 17 years.
    I got it serviced and restored for his birthday.
    Paul did an excellent job,great to hear it humming again,my Dad was over the moon.
    Only downside was when he went to put it on,his wrist is too fat now,so it doesn’t fit!

  28. Stephen Netherwood

    Paul’s just carried out a service on my Bulova Accutron and it’s come back in excellent condition – previously he did a great repair and service to my Citizen Hisonic. Can’t recommend him highly enough!

  29. James

    Paul is simply a magician when it comes to tuning fork watches.

    Rest easy, he’ll have your f300 or Accutron up and running in no time, and at a very reasonable cost.

  30. Mark P

    Thanks again for the quick and comprehensive service of my Accutron, Cosmotron and Lip electronic watches. I’ll be back again soon with some more watches deserving of your expert attention.

  31. Raymond

    Once again an excellent solving of my watch problem. My Omega f300 is now looking superb and humming away beautifully. It’s a great comfort to know that I can send my watches to Paul and confidently rely on a speedy and expert outcome. Many Thanks Paul, will be in touch again soon

  32. Jeffrey

    I engaged Paul to repair, service and polish my Omega f300 De Ville. He was very helpful and communicative over email, alleviating any anxiety I had shipping out my baby across the world to his workshop. His servicing of the watch was timely and thorough, and I had my watch back on my wrist within a few weeks. Overall I am very pleased with his service and look forward to sending out my next watch to him.

  33. jonathan

    Thank you paul for an excellent service, my omega f300 is now fantastic in superb working order, humming away fabulous well, i can not recommend paul enough for the the work he carries out and the knowledge he has in this area.. A++++++++++++

  34. Frank Crawford

    Great service for my Omega Constellation f300Hz which has been in the family for some time. Pretty mucky and in need of TLC which Paul provided, including a new Omega crystal. Great advice too re steel wrist band.

  35. Mike Mottershead

    Very pleased with the results of the service to my Bulova Accutron 218, I always imagine the worst when these watches start misbehaving and I am relieved to have this watch back on the wrist buzzing away, thanks again Paul.

  36. Tim Ward

    Another fabulous fix and service on my f300 – couldn’t recommend Paul’s services highly enough.

  37. Michael Schmitt

    I sent 2 Speedsonic to Paul for repair and Service.
    I was surprised how fast he repair the Speedsonic’s and make the Service.
    The communication was excellent and for the next watches I will use Paul’s excellent Service again.
    Thanks Paul and best regards from germany.

  38. Bill Skelson

    Just received my Bulova Railroad Approved watch back from Paul. He gave it a service, with new battery. Again, first class service and communications. Always a pleasure having Paul checking my watches, you know you’re in safe hands!!

  39. Erik

    I sent my Electronic Constellation to Paul, as it had problems with date not turning over – it turned out the date wheel teeth had stripped. This was fixed, along with a service, very quickly and at a reasonable cost.

    Thank you from a happy customer!

  40. John Bacon

    Once again Paul has done a superb job. This time it was an Accutron and the matter was aesthetic rather than technical. Paul’s advice was invaluable. He not only understands the engineering of the innards, he has a well developed sense of period for the few years that saw a brief flowering of electric watch technology.
    When you have a collection that is sometimes a bit wayward (as mine is) Paul is an essential part of life.
    He’ll be seeing me again.

  41. Pierre-Eric Petit

    I sent Paul the old Longines Ultronic from my father.
    I thought it was good for the trash.
    After 3 weeks of waiting I received the watch as new. I never thought it was possible. Throughout the restoration paul responded to my questions, and advised me in a very professional manner. I really recommend Paul, he is a craftsman as there may be.

  42. NWillifer

    Paul took delivery of my Omega gold 300Hz and effected a full service and fixed several other issues, I,m very pleased with the work undertaken and the communication thank you

  43. Richard Wyatt

    Paul has repaired 2 Hamilton 505s for me this month. Excellent job and fast service. Ive lost count of all the watches Paul has repaired for me, but his service is consistently excellent. Thank you again, Paul.

  44. John

    Three years ago Paul serviced my omega f300 and gave it a new lease of life. It developed another problem last week needing Paul’s attention again. On both occasions Paul gave excellent and rapid service, with clear and prompt communication and all at reasonable cost. I would certainly use him again and have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

    1. Folkert van der Bee

      Sent Paul my Omega Geneve f300hz at the end of January and has been on my wrist in perfect working order since beginning of February, after it developed a strange habbit of needing 2 seconds to go ahead one second.
      Very happy the watch is doing perfectly fine again and I’m able to see the hand sweep cleanly again.

      Service was quick and communication was clear. I can recommand Paul to anyone who needs his/her electric watch serviced.


  45. Laura Callaghan

    Great service, very fast and efficient keeping regular contact with his customer. Very pleased with all work carried out by Paul and will definitely use him again in the future and recommend
    Many thanks again Paul,

  46. Mark Drummond

    Paul serviced and repaired my Bulova Accutron Spaceview with excellent efficiency and at very reasonable cost. He replaced the crystal, hands, repaired a broken component (saving £80) and returned the watch more quickly than he had anticipated. Very efficient and excellent value – thanks Paul.


    Serviced, new crystal, new date ring on my Omega f300, humming away beautifully what a great job. I will definitely use Paul again. Just wish I should have had a new Omega strap fitted but hey ho when I have saved some of my pension up!


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