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Contact Me

Please use this form to get in contact with me.  Use the form:

  • The only watches I’m currently working on are:
    • ESA-based* tuning fork watches i.e. Omega f300, Tissot Tissonics, Longines Ultronics, Baume & Mercia Tronosonics etc etc
    • Landeron 4750, 4760 based watches i.e. Wittbauer Electro-Chron etc etc
    • Please note, I’m not currently working on any other electric or electronic watches, including Accutrons.
  • Note: I do not work on quartz watches — please do not ask me to, as I will decline.
  • Or if you want some advice on some aspect of these interesting watches.

*these include all the watches listed on this page —> ESA Tuning Fork Watches

By the way, if you’d like to see where my past and current customers come from, take a look at my Customer Map!

Some Notes on filling out the form below:

  • Please enter a descriptive title in the Subject field. Don’t just put “electric watch” but rather something like “My Omega f300 Needs Servicing” etc.
  • In the Message field, please tell me about your watch and why you’re getting in touch.
  • Also in the Message field, please tell where you are located (country). If you don’t, I will not reply.
  • Don’t just put a phone number in the Message field and ask me to ring you; it’s not going to happen. I’m too busy repairing other people’s Electric Watches to pick up the phone I’m afraid, so it is email only or nothing.
  • And most important of all : If you’re getting in contact because you want your Electric Watch serviced / repaired, you’ll need to send it to an address in the United Kingdom.  If you’re not willing to do this, there is no point in contacting me. 🙁